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Published on December 13th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Doctor Who Continues in April 2013!

We’ve all been waiting for the announcement so we can start to plan for 2013 and the massive Doctor Who celebrations that’ll be taking place and finally, our patience has been rewarded: Doctor Who is coming back, confirmed in the newest edition of the official Doctor Who Magazine! Oh dear, was that a bit of an anti-climax?

Well, it shouldn’t be - because the return of Doctor Who to the television next year will form the most pivotal part of the central hub for the fiftieth anniversary and the even better news is that the final eight episodes of series seven will start in April, so for everyone who’s been missing Doctor Who in the sunshine - rejoice! It’s reclaimed its original schedule spot that it’s had since 2005.

At the same time that we’ll be sitting down to enjoy new Doctor Who, the production team will start filming the fiftieth anniversary special that we’ll be treated to in November; Producer, Marcus Wilson has described the episode as ‘a love letter to fans’ which can only mean that Steven Moffat has excelled himself once again.

Meanwhile, you may already have seen Matt Smith is gearing up to star in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special as well:

We’ve got Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary coming up in November 2013, and one assumes there’ll be another Christmas special after that, and I’d hope to be part of it.

So for all of you worried that the Eleventh Doctor will regenerate soon, breathe easy and focus on the overload of Eleventh Doctor brilliance that you’ll be getting next year!



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20 Responses to Doctor Who Continues in April 2013!

  1. avatar James says:

    ‘Massive celebrations’? 8 brief episodes and the possibility of a 1 hour special?

    Not much Who this year then and scarcely any more next either.

    • avatar Gavin Noble says:

      I’ll still take that over no Who any day though. The Wilderness Years were not good…

      • avatar James says:

        I’d much prefer it if they stopped commissioning things like Gatiss’ character assassination of Hartnell and started making a full 13 episodes a year again.

        And stop treating fans as stupid by making out they’re doing more Dr Who than ever when in fact it’s a hell of a lot less.

        • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

          Are you serious? Next year is going to be the biggest and best time ever to be a Whovian. Just because we don’t know yet what exactly is planned doesn’t mean we are going to be deprived. You are aware, aren’t you, that Doctor Who is one of – if not THE – biggest money makers the BBC has to offer not only here but increasingly abroad (the US in particular). Do you really think they are so stupid as to quietly sideline their most popular phenomenon? Next year is 2013, not 1986! Go and buy some sea monkeys and chill out!

        • avatar Gavin Noble says:

          Anyone can see they are not making more Who than ever with the way the series has been split, but I still think some Who is better than no Who.

        • Between 1987 and 1989 Doctor Who ran for 14 episodes. That was around 5 and 1/3rd hours of the show.

          We’re getting around the same as that this year, but last year and next year get much more. So we’re getting more than during the series’ critical low point in this year alone.

          And really, yes there is more Doctor Who than ever. There’s TV, there’s AudioGO’s audio books, BBC Books, Big Finish full casts, DWM and BBC graphic novels…

        • avatar francis cave says:

          What makes you say that Mark Gatiss’ drama is going to be a Hartnell Character assassination?

          Has he said this somewhere?

  2. avatar Andrew says:

    So are we not getting a Series 8 starting at the end of next year a long side the 50th anniversary special? I hear the special may be split into two episodes.

    I really hope the hype for next year lives up.

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Bottom line, there were 5 episodes this year and a Christmas special. Next year, 8 episodes, an anniversary special and hopefully a Christmas special. What’s happened is that they’ve stretched one season over two years. It’s kind of like reliving the last Tennant year where it was a few specials during 2009. A money saving exercise. I just hope they don’t continue doing that.

  4. avatar Andrew says:

    I just hope we get enough Doctor Who for 2013, it just seems a bit scant and for such a massive land mark anniversary. 50 years must make who one of the longest running tv dramas ever. Coronation Street doesn’t count being a soap. All for them saving money for the special in November, an I’m sure it will all be great, but I would rather the old 13 episodes, with the last being an extended 60-70 minutes. They will need to have mini episodes such as Pond Life, and Time Crash in order to fill the gaps. I also shudder at the rumours of a live episode, Doctor Who doesn’t need to stoop to such gimmicks like soaps.

  5. avatar Tom Campbell says:

    As much as I’ve enjoyed “The Grand Moff” Moffat’s time at the helm and Matt Smith’s interpretation of the latest incarnation of the Doctor, most of us Whovians ( if not all ) are not Timelords with multiple regenerations, we’re human with only a finite amount of time in this world ( some of us less than others ). As such we find the slow drip, drip, drip of episodes of Doctor Who, always with the promise that next year we’ll see a return to at least a dozen, if not a baker’s dozen of episodes; only to have our hopes dashed when the following year’s schedule is announced informing us that the best they can swing in the year to come will be another five to eight episodes scattered sparingly in fits and starts. But not to worry – there will be more episodes next year when everyone’s schedule will be clearer, “promise”. Whether it’s the people behind the camera or in front of it ( or both ) can’t see fit to give the fans what we’ve been asking for, then isn’t it well past the time to find someone who can? Doctor Who is a splendid franchise, but turning out episodes at relatively the same rate as Faberge turned out eggs is frustrating the fan base. And the argument that the quality might suffer would only hold up if every episode produced in these abbreviated seasons had been as fine and precious as said Faberge eggs – they haven’t been. The fan base would be far more forgiving of the occasional clunker episode if we didn’t have months to stew over it afterwards while waiting for the next.

  6. avatar James says:

    Matt Smith’s a great actor in the part of Dr Who and it’s a shame that the BEEB are being parsimonious once again. Even if they committed to a full 13 eps to give him a 4th series it would be at least 2014 before you got them and then probably only 5 eps in the autumn. So, overall, though I don’t like to see it, I think Who is being gradually sidelined. It seems to me the storylines in Matt’s 2nd season were so dire, so badly written, so full of plot holes and cringe-worthy things, and general wrong-ness, that it was hard for even hardened fans to keep watching let alone casual viewers and the BEEB rightly decided then that it was all a bit embarassing.

    The real scandal at the BEEB is the amount of money they blew on head-hunting Entwistle for the DG post only to then pay him even more vast amounts to leave having only done about a month in the job. They should divert such funds to programme making and especially a show as successful as Dr Who so that its 50th year is lavishly done with more episodes, not less.

    However, I fear if fans don’t acknowledge this side-lining, the show will be quietly cancelled in 2014. It’s largely the way they went about it in JNT’s era, after all, getting the anniversary out of the way so that they can then let it die and hope nobody notices when it isn’t around anymore.

    • Reality check: Doctor Who is an international money$spinner with an ever-growing audience.

      The BBC won’t be cancelling it any time soon.

      • avatar James says:

        hope you’re right.

      • avatar Andrew says:

        You are right, but I do question the BBC when it funds aspects of the corporation which turn out to be highly unsavoury (despite clear warnings), yet seemly ignore what works for them.

        If the Beeb is to survive another 90 years, it really needs to focus it’s efforts in making more of great dramas like Doctor Who, but also revive the great 70s sci-fi era of Doomwatch and Blake’7.

    • avatar Matt says:

      Um, what? Why on Earth would they be slowly trying to get rid of it? This clearly makes no sense; it’s one of their most high profile hits, both here and worldwide. It’s one of their prestige shows.

  7. avatar Matt says:

    Slightly surprised at the April start; what happened to all the ‘Who works better when it’s dark/cold’ chat..? I assumed we’d get it in Feb. Still, we are getting new Who, that’s the main thing.

    • avatar leo says:

      ‘Who works better when it’s dark/cold”- well given the weather this spring/summer gone, it probably will be cold and dark in April!

      I think 2013 is going to be a great year for the show. Very excited.

  8. avatar Bob Snowden says:

    It may be rather clever to just show a few shows at a time. I hate it, but id does make the shows “must viewing” events.

  9. avatar STLShawn says:

    I don’t get it either. If the BBC is making so much on Doctor Who, why are they shooting themselves in the foot.

    Here’s how my money has gone to the BBC over the last few years:
    $79 2005 box set (new – local video store)
    $79 2006 box set (new – Local Video store)
    $59 2007 box set (new – amazon)
    $59 2008 box set (new – amazon)
    $29 Tenants Lost episodes (new local video store).

    So we are at $310 before the Moff years. That’s over 5 years. Plus a subscription to a level of cable over basic so i can get BBC America and a few other things, let’s say $5 per year to BBCA. that is about $335 worth of support that they would not have gotten from some other show.

    How does that compare to the last three years:
    $79 2010 Series box set
    $59 2011 Series box set
    2012 Haven’t purchased yet, waiting for a full set that will not come out until mid 2012. I honestly may not purchase them, and instead do streaming watch or some other form of watching through Amazon or something for now. I also may get the blu ray,, not sure.

    The thing is, there will be no box set purchase this year, not until next year. There will be no viewing of 13 episodes on BBCA this year, there will be more time for me to poke around and get into other things. Other, possibly non bbc, things for me to watch and get interested in.

    As a side note, i have also purchased various books, posters, Big Finish audios, and whatnot, but not as much as i did the first few years during the Who frenzy. I also purchased Torchwood season one box set at $39 new from a local retailer when it first came out, watched Sarah Jane on BBCA, and was just generally more Who oriented those first five years. So BBC got plenty of licensing money from me, but they are not this year, because i’m not buying anything until there is product to buy.

    no product, no sale. no sale, no money from me.

    As a side note: i did buy two seasons of Warehouse 13 this year and some other box sets. I also paid for some Amazon Instant Watch things, but with a lack of DW this year, it wasn’t that.

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