Doctor Who News First photo of Clara and the Doctor from 2012 Christmas special

Published on December 25th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Could Clara Be A New Rose?

The Eleventh Doctor may have had one or two “moments” with his favourite girl Amy Pond, but it was never going to be another Jo, Sarah Jane or Rose situation, was it?

First photo of Clara and the Doctor from 2012 Christmas special

However, things could be different with Clara…

Various rumours have suggested that some sort of romance might be on the cards for the Doctor and Clara, and while we know that these things can get blown out of all proportion in order to draw in viewers, we should also not lose sight of the fact that audiences love a will-they/won’t-they subplot.

Discussing this at the recent press screening for The Snowmen, actress Jenna-Louise Coleman hinted that there is something more to the Doctor-Clara relationship.

“I think there is definitely a romantic tone to this particular episode.”

Smith added: “It can change every week, that’s the beauty of it. One week it’s a love story, one week it’s an action adventure.”

Of course, the use of the term “romantic term” could simply mean a happily satisfying ending. We’ll just have to wait and see…


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4 Responses to Could Clara Be A New Rose?

  1. avatar Linda Lee says:

    I love Clara! She is the right girl at the right time and place. I am so looking forward to her as the new companion. They cast a fabulous charismatic actress. She leaps off the screen and they have chemistry for sure. I love his potato head side kick as well, I hope they keep that character around. I laughed so much tonight with the Christmas Special. It was a nice change from many recent story-lines.

  2. avatar gingersnap says:

    I think the fact that she was working at the ROSE and Crown pub was a bit of a hint…

    • i thought it was an in-joke myself; “crown” as in Noble…

  3. avatar Elham says:

    I also noticed the Rose thing, it was a bit uncomfortable to be honest. As I truly love Rose/Doctor, I am open to anything else. Oh and also, Sarah Jane and the doctor were fantastic. And this is a new, different doctor so I think it would be interesting… Even though Rose had her two doctors… (so did Sarah Jane!)

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