Merchandise The Barry Newbery Signature Collection: Doctor Who Photographs from the Collection of Barry Newbery

Published on November 13th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

The Barry Newbery Signature Collection Released!

Telos Publishing have released a rather wonderful book for all you Doctor Who fans that love to have something to put on your coffee table, The Barry Newbery Signature Collection.

The Barry Newbery Signature Collection: Doctor Who Photographs from the Collection of Barry Newbery

Newbery was a designer for Doctor Who and worked on many of the shows serials from the pilot episode, continuing with stories such as The Aztecs, The Time Meddler, The Silurians, The Brain of Morbius and The Awakening. His work is littered throughout Doctor Who for its first twenty one years.

You can now celebrate his work with this new publication, a ninety six page full colour book that details Newbery’s designs with many of his own photographs from on set. There’s a host of set designs, sketches and black and white photographs, some of which have never been seen before, for you to enjoy.

David J Howe from Telos Publishing gave praise to Newbery’s celebrated work:

Barry Newbery is one of the true unsung heroes of Doctor Who. Without him, the stories he worked on would not be so rich and memorable, and it was his role as designer on the original Sixties stories which helped to establish the show as a visual feast.

You can enjoy two versions of this fitting tribute book, a standard paperback or a deluxe version in hardback, strictly limited edition you understand, with a signature sticker signed by Newbery.

Head to Amazon for the paperback, which is listed at £23.74. Meanwhile, head to to find the £39.99 hardback copy.

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  1. If I could afford it I would DEFINITELY buy this puppy. Will there be one for Raymond Cusick also?

  2. avatar Starman says:

    Thanks for flagging up this book. It looks like a great thing to get for the 50th anniversary. I have ordered a copy – hope it’s paid for by my Christmas bonus! :)

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