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Published on November 30th, 2012 | by Craig Murray

Ten Famous Fans Who Could Be Involved With Doctor Who

Since its resurrection in 2005, Doctor Who has quickly re-emerged as one of televisions most loved shows. Public signs of affection for ‘nuWho’ are increasingly common; from Muse’s opening titles influenced “Resistance”, to the Police Box by the front door of number 26 Ramsay Street (so I’m told) and the list of celebrities queuing for a part in the new series is longer than a certain Time Lord’s scarf.

Should Peter Jackson direct an episode of Doctor Who?

While a number of celebrities have already fulfilled their dreams of participating in this global phenomena, be it behind the scenes or centre stage, the list of known celebrity fans yet to play their part makes for equally impressive reading – begging the question as to whether more confirmed famous Whovians are destined to steer the ship or grace the hallowed console room in future.

Here are just some of the contenders, arranged for your delectation in a Top of the Pops-style reverse-rundown.

Cue the CCS instrumental version of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”!

10) Benedict Cumberbatch

Personally I think Matt Smith is utterly brilliant, but one day, preferably in the very distant future, he will inevitably become part of ‘Who’ history. Try as I may, I cannot imagine a more worthy successor than Benedict Cumberbatch. Following his utterly mesmerising display as Sherlock, Benedict has leaped to the top of many Who fans most wanted list – and resisting the temptation of a cross over has surely left the door open for the Sherlock star in the future.

9) John Culshaw

John’s impersonation of Tom Baker is legendary and keeping Who in the public eye while the franchise prepared to reboot deserves a pat on the back. John has previously appeared in the audio range, including standing in for the legend himself, but is there a place for him in the TV series?

8) Bob Dylan

The Panini Complete Seventh Doctor reported that legend Dylan had been kind enough to allow the free use of his music for the opening of Season 25, however it was never used. To be honest, if it failed to make an appearance in the era of the Kandyman and Ken Dodd, I think its safe to assume this is a non-starter.

7) Craig Ferguson

Surely a TV presenter can’t make the transition – can he? Well Reggie Yates had a brief but credible stint in the new series as Martha’s brother, so why ever not? Considering Craig’s open support for the franchise and his role in ‘bigging up’ Doctor Who Stateside, I think he’s at least worthy of a cameo.

And let’s not forget the many genuine TV presenters playing themselves over the years!

6) Peter Jackson

If he ever gets bored of milking the Tolkien cash cow, maybe Mr. Jackson would fancy a bit of Who?A look at the casting of his famous trilogy betrays a man who loves his British actors, and the presence of one Sylvester McCoy in the new movies is bound to pull in the Doctor Who fans.

If nothing else, I reckon it’d be a good way to break the Hobbit…

5) Matthew Bellamy of Muse

I recall that the release of “Resistance” caused a lot of confusion on the radio – in some quarters, there was speculation that this WAS the new title song. Fortunately, Murray Gold was here to stay; it’s not that I don’t like this song, but ‘Who’ scores are much more than just title sequences these days.

Considering Muse’s Olympic track and their reworking of the James Bond theme tune, this may have been a lucky escape.  However, Vincent and the Doctor fans must surely been impressed by Athlete’s wonderful contribution “Chances”, so who knows, Muse may still have a chance of their own.

4) Meat Loaf

No chance – when I think of Meat Loaf, I cant help picturing Brian Blessed’s King Yrcanos; the guy who deprived us of the incomparable Peri in a marriage less likely than Michael Douglas and Catharine Zeta Jones. Personally, I’d have thought the sight of an amorous sweaty Yeti lurking towards her with a half eaten box of Milk Tray, would have seen Peri disappear like a… Bat out of Hell?

3) Matt Groening

Sightings of the Doctor are a fairly frequent occurrence in Springfield and the Simpsons creator would surely be open to some kind of cross over. Fans of Futurama will know that Matt has clearly demonstrated a passion for sci-fi and I personally think Mr. Burns would make an excellent opponent… Ian McDiarmid come on down!

2) Trey Parker

As co-creator of South Park, Trey is at least partly responsible for the “They Killed Kenny?” craze; a character who was possibly the inspiration behind Rory (now he’s dead, now he’s not) Williams. Though Doctor Who has often been recognised for pushing the boundaries, I’m not sure if the BBC are quite ready for this level of controversy… well actually, if ever there were a time…?

1) Her Majesty The Queen

Okay it was a tabloid exclusive from an unnamed source, but the story of the Queen ordering Doctor Who box sets for summer night viewing in Balmoral is enough to make a Weeping Angel smile.

With the Doctor no stranger to the Palace, the chances of a return visit are surely a possibility. I appreciate a cameo is a long shot, but nothing ventured… who’d have picked Her Majesty as a Bond girl before London 2012? Could the British monarch undo the memories of her long-shot lookalikes in Silver Nemesis and Voyage of the Dead and make an appearance herself?

An impressive list of names – but which ones would you like to see play their part?


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11 Responses to Ten Famous Fans Who Could Be Involved With Doctor Who

  1. avatar stlshawn says:

    A couple more:::
    Big Bang Theory Creators and writers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady
    Will “Wesley Crusher” Wheaton
    Mythbuster’s Adam savage (greatest video EVER is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjtzib0G9Rs )
    Mythbuster’s Grant Imahara (cue up to 4:20 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URkOUclkYX8 )
    Whoever writes “Leverage” (see http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1103987/trivia)
    Whoever writes “Criminal Minds’ (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AffH69Ktik)
    Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant (who could possibly play an older 11th doctor), and i kind of recall Steve Martin mentioning DW in some interview years ago (can’t find it in a search however);

    And i’m sure there are many many more out there.

    • avatar Krumstets says:

      Yes to all of those and since Dr Who is now mentioned in prime TV shows in the US , how about a dedicated episode from either The Simpsons , Family Guy, Futurama , Big Bang etc ?

      Tom hanks recently gave an interview where he talked about Who.

      Get him on it……Now.

      • avatar stlshawn says:

        I’ve always wondered why the powers that be at BBC do not do more to actively pursue these people. Seriously, as soon as Peter Jackson mentioned it, they should have called said “Dude, whenever you have a free couple of days, weekend, holiday, whatever, we’ll make it work”.

  2. avatar BOJAY says:

    Catherine Zeta Jones as the Rani! I’m only partially kidding……….

  3. avatar Krumstets says:

    Mark Rylance – doesn’t do much TV but acclaimed theatre actor.
    Madonna- Could easily play the Rani ..manipulative and determined to get her way.
    Sofie Gråbøl – Any part, just get her on the programme ASAP and preferably in a recurring role.
    Eric Cantona – `Does a Time Lord that is caged in a time bubble sing as sweetly as Time Lord that
    is free’ ?
    John Hurt – Come on , they have to bag someone of his stature for the fiftieth surely?

  4. avatar Adam says:


  5. avatar Andrew says:

    Billy Connolly is a big fan and was actually considered for the 8th Doctor, before it eventually went to Paul McGann. He has stated recently he loved the show, always admired it and would love to appear in it. He was also short listed and available to play the DJ in Revelation of the Daleks.

    The Big Yin as Omega?

  6. avatar Andrew says:

    Oh and don’t forget Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy they have a had a couple of Who references.

    Iron Maiden are also long time fans of all sci-fi and fantasy, not forgetting the fact Bruce Dickinson owns a Dalek, refers to Who in interviews (i.e. that Maiden has had as many regenerations as the Doctor). How about a cameo of Eddie?

    • avatar stlshawn says:

      How cool,,, a cgi Eddy! That’ll get people’s attention.

      I mean, i saw that fish thing in Men In Black 3,,,, the one that’s Spandrel’s avatar on the forum. I don’t know what it’s from though ,,,, Something British i’m sure ;)

  7. Some great suggestions here, everyone – keep them coming!

  8. avatar Andrew says:

    Aside from Muse and Bob Dylan, if there is one band that sits with Doctor Who it’s Pink Floyd. Nick Mason states in his book that they used equipment similar to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop used. Then of course there is “One of These Days” and “Sheep” which are loosely based on the theme tune. Not forgetting that Douglas Adams “hitchhiked” round Europe with David Gilmour, gave the name of “The Division Bell” and played acoustic guitar at one of the Earls Court shows in 1994.

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