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Published on November 3rd, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Gaiman’s Series 7 Ep: What We Know

Neil Gaiman doesn’t like spoilers, it seems. And quite right too.

His teasing title for the Series 6 episode, The Doctor’s Wife, created a stir amongst fandom, and, of course, the actual story is a fan-favourite. The previews were also highly enticing, with the Doctor promising that “somewhere close by, there are lots and lots of Time Lords.”

And Neil’s not giving anything away about his upcoming Series 7 episode:

In case you are wondering: I’m really a bit nervous: the table read of my episode of Doctor Who is next week. Think good thoughts at us. I’ll try and post some photographs afterwards. Oh, and for the curious, the episode will be called ███ ████ ████████ . Only with letters instead of Ascii Blocks. Unless we change the title again before it’s broadcast. Which might well happen, actually. I mean, it was originally called █ █████████ ██ ██████.

Gaiman and new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman, posed for a photo at the readthrough, and everyone’s favourite Time Lord, Matt Smith teased at the London MCM Expo:

It’s very different, but again I think it will be a fan’s favourite because, well, without giving anything away, it just will be, because there’s something in it. Neil’s brilliant ideas will always add a level to Doctor Who, which will be interesting.

A couple of days ago, Neil tweeted:

And it sounds like the episode is all ready to be filmed:

Well… perhaps. As executive producer, Caroline Skinner, commented on Twitter:

The Doctor’s Wife had quite an impressive collection of kooky names – The Corsair, Nephew, House – and it seems that this theme will carry on into Gaiman’s new script, with a few details leaking out.

Calvin Dean, who previously played Chris in The Sarah Jane Adventures serial, The Gift, mentioned on his CV that he’d play a character called Ha-Ha – before quickly removing it. He says:

Tamzin Outhwaite (Hotel Babylon; EastEnders) – who’s married to Tom Ellis, best-known to Whovians as Tom Milligan in Last of the Time Lords (2007) – has seemingly been cast in the episode, with the actress saying:

I’d like to play a baddie, but I haven’t done a goodie for a while, so it’ll be nice to play a goodie.

Her online CV lists her as playing ‘Capt Alice’ – presumably the captain of a spaceship.

Neil’s episode is expected to be filmed imminently, directed by Stephen Woolfenden (who previously worked on Gaiman’s Neverwhere), and will be the penultimate episode of the upcoming run of stories. Expect a few details to creep out when filming commences.

And that’s pretty much all we know. Except…

After hints that a ‘Classic’ monster will be returning, it’s rumoured that the story will reintroduce the Cybermen, last seen in last year’s Closing Time. But only time will tell…


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4 Responses to Gaiman’s Series 7 Ep: What We Know

  1. avatar Esterath says:

    I hope it is a redesigned Cybermen hopefully the true original Mondasians.

  2. avatar Shadowfather says:

    The current episode title appears to be “The (4) (8)”, whilst the new one might be “A (9) Of (6)”; the numbers meaning how many letters are in a word. If we are to interpret these titles literally, in addition to the return of a ‘classic’ monster, there might be a few suggestions:

    1) The True Cybermen – those we’ve encountered from the new series are not indigenous to this universe, so it’s possible we might see a war between the Lumic-Cybermen and our own.
    2) The Last Cyberman – the last time we saw them, a fleet was annihilated by Rory and The Doctor before they went to Demons’ Run to rescue Amy. A clever ruse may be afoot.
    3) A Christmas Of Daleks – while it’s unlikely the Daleks will be the villains, for them to appear in a Christmas special would certainly be unprecedented.

    Other possible suggestions are welcome.

  3. avatar Anthony says:

    I don’t care what the episode is called (within reason) – they just better do the Cybermen properly this time. They have been a joke since Doomsday, wither underused or just the usual cannon fodder.

  4. avatar James says:

    Well, Gaiman’s got a hell of an imagination so anything’s possible. I also hope they do a ‘proper’ Cyberman story as they’ve been particularly poorly used since Army of Ghosts and actually Russell Davies’ Cybermen don’t count as Cybermen anyway because they are from a parallel universe not this universe. It’s meant that the Cybermen have lost all their old mythology of Telos/Mondas etc., and even their history of encounters with classic doctors. Only the Daleks seem safe from this kind of ruinous ‘re-imagining’ since the Nation estate can stop the BBC ruining them. In fact, only this year the Daleks got Skaro back so there’s definitely hope for the Cybermen IMO but it needs a genuine feeling for these creations to successfully pull off such a story…

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