Doctor Who News The Doctor's Wife - what a sexy thing!

Published on November 1st, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Matt Smith Excited by New Neil Gaiman Script

We’ve already learned that major writer Neil Gaiman has contributed his second script to Doctor Who (following Series 6′s The Doctor’s Wife) and as if things weren’t exciting enough, Matt Smith has recently described the episode as a “fan favourite”!

The Doctor's Wife - what a sexy thing!

Speaking to journalists at London’s MCM Expo Comic Con, Matt observed that for all of the popularity of Gaiman’s first episode, it wouldn’t be a retread…

“It’s very different. But again I think it will be a fan’s favourite because, well, without giving anything away, it just will be, because there’s something in it.

“Neil’s brilliant ideas will always add a level to Doctor Who, which will be interesting.”

The popularity of Gaiman’s as-yet-untitled episode isn’t something limited to fandom – The Doctor’s Wife won the 2011 Ray Bradbury Award for ‘Outstanding Dramatic Presentation’ and the 2012 Hugo Award for ‘Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form’.

We’d be surprised if Neil Gaiman’s second Doctor Who episode isn’t at least nominated for either of these categories…


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  1. avatar BOJAY says:

    It’s remarkable to me how this generations Who writers, or at least a good number of them, came from the ranks of fandom past. It’s like the ones who loved the show grew up to write the show, and in RTD’s and Steven Moffat’s case, actually became showrunners as well. It’s a testament to the power of Doctor Who that it largely gave birth to its own future. I’m really looking forward to Neil Gaiman’s next episode, and I’d love to see Rob Shearman and Paul Cornell return with new stories as well.

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