Doctor Who News The TARDIS, pictured in Cardiff

Published on November 21st, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS!

Next year during Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary, we’re going to be treated to a very special episode of Doctor Who indeed. But we’re not talking about the rumoured anniversary specials or the excitement that has been growing regarding Neil Gaiman’s new Cyberman episode.

The TARDIS, pictured in Cardiff

No, this is Stephen Thompson’s episode; this is the one that many of you have been waiting for since the show returned in 2005, this is: Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS.

The intriguing and quite frankly brilliant episode title says it all, or at least we think so for now, you never quite know what that clever Doctor Who production team have got up their sleeves but one thing is for certain, this episode is certainly not going to repeat the mistakes that The Invasion of Time made.

The 1978 story featuring Tom Baker saw two episodes of the Doctor and his friends on the run from some rather nasty Sontarans but in a nice twist, the chasing takes place in the TARDIS interior. Budget and time constraints however, led to the TARDIS looking somewhat unimpressive on the inside however and many were left feeling a bit cold as they went on a journey of exploration through one of Doctor Who’s biggest mysteries. Stephen Thompson spoke in the newest copy of Doctor Who Magazine and talked about the two main reasons behind his new story:

“Steven had two ancillary reasons for bringing that idea to the table. One: he admits to being haunted by The Invasion of Time…two: Steven knows; that I’m a pure mathematician and anything involving multi-dimensional geometry gets me excited.”

After the brief glimpse that we finally got of the TARDIS interior in 2011’s The Doctor’s Wife, let’s hope that we get to see a bit more this time but not so much that the Doctor’s magic box loses all of its dark mystery and power.


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6 Responses to Journey To The Center Of The TARDIS!

  1. avatar Leo says:

    I was thinking about this episode yesterday and I dont know for the life of me why, given the Cybs, JLC’s arrival and the big 50 coming up.

    I wonder if we will any old control rooms…? And doe that Sontaron eating plant still reside on board? Now that would be a shock if that thing turned up.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we seen the Console from the Five Doctors onwards. Last year at the BBC experience in London the guy who built the set around the console said they (the BBC I assume) were so impressed with the reaction it got they were considering using it in the series.

  3. avatar James says:

    I can’t get interested in this rubbish. I want to see alien planets not boring old corridors, even ones with lit roundles. The production team will do anything to avoid going to a planet. This is definitely the Wardrobe rather than Narnia and will ruin the TARDIS concept by making it at best another plastic spaceship, at worse brick walls again.

    • avatar leo says:

      Given this episode will be broadcast during 50th anniversary year , I think it is highly unlikely that it will be just wander trough corridor’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get some great references to what has gone before during those 50 year’s. I think this episode is more than just a co-incidence to be honest .

    • avatar Victor says:

      Rubbish? Have you seen it already?!?! (I know the answer)

  4. avatar James says:

    I declared that this will be rubbish (just to clear that one up). People don’t think it will be but look at the evidence against you, last year the same writer did a story requiring a spaceship set and we didn’t get one. We got a few dreadful plastic drapes hanging down and a set so woefully underdressed and under-designed it was shameful. In fact probably as bad as anything you could see in Graham Williams’s era. Now this same writer is doing the TARDIS, so what’s to stop the production team messing up big time again? Answer, nothing.

    There’s a good reason for leaving the TARDIS interior well alone. Once you delve into it, it is bound to destroy the mystery, we’ll just end up with a few old latrines in there or some such rubbish. The BEEB won’t spend enough cash on effects to make it look anything and really, wouldn’t you rather have that money spent on realising an alien planet properly? Come to that wouldn’t you rather they’d had two episodes for Asylum of the Daleks instead of squeezing it all into one? The current 43 minute standalone restriction imposed by Moffat severely limits the development of every story and makes it hard to build any tension.

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