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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Another Doctor Who Series 7 Title Revealed?

And with this ring, we have another episode title for the second half of Doctor Who Series Seven!

(If you’re not reading this in a modern browser, don’t read past this line.)

Doctor Who Series 7 News

According to his CV First Assistant Director David Mack has worked on the episode directed by Farren Blackburn, which will be the first story from Luther writer Neil Cross writes Doctor Who TV.

And the title will may be:
[spoiler ]“The Rings of Akhaten”[/spoiler]
So far, little is known about the episode although a quick Google search of the name ‘Akhaten’ results in the search engine attempting – like a know-it-all teenager – to correct the name to ‘Akhenaten’, who was an Egyptian Pharaoh and, more intriguingly, the husband of one Queen Nefertiti.

Is it just a stunning coincidence or, more excitingly, a gothic historical episode in the same vein as Pyramids of Mars?

Only time will tell…

Another Series 7: Part 2 Title Revealed? | Doctor Who TV.


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  1. avatar Shadowfather says:

    If people dig a little deeper into Google, they will find the Battle of King’s Mountain; an event during the American Revolutionary War where a ranking member of Cornwallis’ forces had to retreat after facing fierce resistance from Patriot forces. If the Patriots had lost this battle, Cornwallis would’ve taken North Carolina and the war might’ve turned out differently.

    Before this, however, the place was called the White Plains and is home to many Native American, African American and Hispanic groups with Chrokee and Celtic mythological ties. Though you won’t find it on Wikipedia, the name Akhaten is also referenced in some places…

    But hell, if people want a Pyramids of Mars sequel I suppose that’s good, too!

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