Merchandise Ultra Rare Character Options Ninth Doctor Hologram Figure On Ebay!

Published on October 30th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Unreleased Ninth Doctor Hologram Figure on eBay

We’re a bit late with this one, so forgive us – but if you’ve got a few quid to spare over your lunch hour, how do you feel about bidding on an ultra rare Ninth Doctor hologram figure?

Ultra Rare Character Options Ninth Doctor Hologram Figure On Ebay!

Based on the tear-jerking scene from 2005′s The Parting of the Ways, this unreleased figure from Character Options is currently listed on eBay, but the auction ends this afternoon. The auction listing reads:

This auction is a very rare unreleased Doctor Who 5″ action figure from Character Options representing the 9th Doctor in holographic form as he appears to Rose just before his regeneration. CO developed this figure in transluscent painted plastic and decided not to release it. There’s only a few test figures in existence and this is one of them . Great toy!

The figure is in transparent grey silvery plastic with some painted details. Note that a bit of the paint has rubbed off from the nose. Other than that, the figure is in great condition.

More information on the toy can be found at

If you don’t want to let this go, we suggest you look lively and bid now!


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4 Responses to Unreleased Ninth Doctor Hologram Figure on eBay

  1. avatar Jason says:

    Christian, do you have a link for that auction, even though it’s now ended? I have quite a liking for transparent figures (which is what you get for growing up with Micronauts and Denys Fisher Cyborg toys) and I’m curious about how much it went for. But I can’t find the auction. I wonder if it was cancelled, or am I just being dim in my choice of search terms?

    • Hi Jason, the link is in the article, as shown:

      • avatar Jason says:

        Thanks! There was me searching for ‘ninth’, and ‘hologram’, and sorting by the most expensive auctions first. Well, I was right about the last of those three!

  2. avatar Richard says:

    Just to say that the said figure mentioned one is listed at the moment on eBay:

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