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Published on October 28th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

RTD: Torchwood “In limbo”

It’s been over a year since Torchwood: Miracle Day ended in a blaze of “if only all 10 episodes had been this good”, and in this time we’ve heard little from the immortal Jack Harkness and down-to-earth Welsh girl Gwen Cooper outside of a couple of books.

Former Doctor Who producer and creator of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures, Russell T Davies

Sadly, we’ve even heard little from the show’s creator Russell T Davies.

Fortunately, occasional Doctor Who intruder Graham Norton came to the rescue on Saturday as he welcomed Davies to his Radio 2 morning show. As part of the Wizards vs Aliens promotion (the series starts on CBBC this Monday, continuing on Tuesday), RTD was asked about the future of Torchwood.

“I loved making it over there (in the USA), and I would have carried on if circumstances hadn’t brought me back to this country, so it’s kind of in limbo for me at the moment. I’m not working on it at the moment, I’m only working on Wizards vs Aliens- when I get back to work one day, I don’t know, it’ll be old news to the BBC!

“It’s not officially (cancelled), it’s in a nice limbo where it can stew – those shows can come back in ten, twenty years time.”

You can listen to the full interview on the BBC website, via their revamped iPlayer Radio

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6 Responses to RTD: Torchwood “In limbo”

  1. avatar BOJAY says:

    I have serious doubts that we will ever see Torchwood on television again. John Barrowman and Eve Myles will get older (Even though Jack only ages in a quite different way), and what will we have? Torchwood the Next Generation? I just don’t think Torchwood could work without Jack, and I wouldn’t want to see it happen without Gwen. They should have stayed with the format of “Children Of Earth”, continuing to make the show in the UK, and we might have had a few more years with an expanded team behind Jack and Gwen. I think RTD just envisioned a whole new career in the USA (his move there, initially, and his aborted project with the US cable network, Showtime), and used Torchwood as the “foot in the door” by working with the US Starz cable network. Torchwood never needed to have any US involvement. Events in RTD’s personal life (his partner is still in my prayers), stopped the big move to warmer weather and bigger paychecks. I just don’t think Torchwood will ever be a priority for him ever again. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not.

  2. avatar Dash says:

    I honestly wouldn’t have minded if Miracle Day were the last ever Torchwood story, I feel like it could have been a good conclusion to the series if they hadn’t ended it on a huge cliffhanger that fucked with pretty much everything we had been told about how Jack’s immortality works.

  3. avatar LastOnes says:

    In my opinion, Miracle Day would have been so much better if Mekhi Phifer hadn’t been cast in any sort of role… He’s a show killer.

  4. avatar Shadowfather says:

    We might never see Torchwood “as a series” again, but people may see the team in other Whovian TV material.

  5. avatar BOJAY says:

    I’m fairly confident that if they don’t wait to long, we will see Captain Jack on Doctor Who again. John Barrowman obviously wants to come back (gee, you think?), and Jack is Steven Moffat’s creation circa “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances”. So I think the odds are good.

  6. We have been waiting on pins and needles for the next episode and still think it would be a great series. If it’s going to be ended – it should be done in a much better manner than the cliffhanger. Please, just get on with it!

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