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Published on October 26th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Planet of the Daleks: The Movie

There are some Doctor Who stories that are so epic they’re aching to be movies. Series 7’s ‘blockbuster’ approach proves that.

Some multi-part tales, like The Pandorica Opens/ The Big Bang, are already films in essence, while others reach for it, but don’t quite muster the grand scale. But for many, any Dalek story can easily be visualised as a movie. Just look at Genesis of the Daleks and Asylum of the Daleks.

And, thanks to The Mind Robber, we’ve been given a hint at what Planet of the Daleks might look like on the big screen – but updated with the RTD-era Bronze Daleks!

The video takes dialogue from 1973’s original, with score from a few episodes (most notably The Impossible Planet/ The Satan Pit), and combined with some stunning CGI of more modern Daleks. The Mind Robber explains how he created the trailer:

It’s mainly modelled in Cinema 4D, with a few bits done in MAX. Edited in Premier with some audio work in Goldwave.

Planet of the Daleks is an obvious choice for movie adaptation: it’s six episodes long, and follows on from the equally-epic Frontier in Space; it takes place on the grand jungle planet of Spiridon, and shows a new twist in the Kaleds’ evolution – oh, and there’s the promise of 10,000 Daleks!

The Mind Robber was recently responsible for the impressive cover to Doctor Who Magazine #447, which showed (nearly) every Dalek ever, as a teaser for Asylum. It was then made into a poster three issues later.

You can see more of The Mind Robber’s work here.

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  1. avatar Leo says:

    Yeah I have seen this a couple of times before-very cool.

    I love this adventure actually, although I know its not got the best of reputations-also the first Target book I ever purchased. Great original cover.

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