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Published on October 31st, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

John Barrowman Talks 50th Anniversary (Again)

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who grows closer and closer each day; next year will be a huge celebration of half a century of the Doctor’s adventures in time and space which will culminate in what will hopefully be a madcap television episode involving lots of fun birthday viewing.

Many of you will be hoping for a return of one or two familiar faces along the way to mark the special occasion and who would be better to turn up to a big party than Captain Jack Harkness as played by John Barrowman? There’s just one slight problem, the actor still hasn’t been invited.

There’s plenty of time, mind you, for Barrowman to receive the call – Matt Smith has previosuly stated that filming for the 50th anniversary will begin in the Spring - but as the weeks go by, it’s getting less and less likely that Steven Moffat will be including the character in any of the plans that he has. Barrowman, however, remains as loyal to Doctor Who as ever and recently stated his position in regards to appearing in the show to SciFiNow:

I read somewhere that the reason they hadn’t asked was because of my schedule… Well, I can say firmly here and now that that is a load of rubbish. I haven’t been asked and I always work my schedule around Torchwood and Doctor Who, they’re always a priority.

Which is very good to hear as it would be fantastic to get the old rogue back in the show after an absence of over two years; he is the modern day version of the Brigadier after all! [This must be a typo... - Sub-Ed.]

What would be even better is if Captain Jack could finally be paired up with River Song, as Barrowman suggests - if only to see the sparks fly!


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5 Responses to John Barrowman Talks 50th Anniversary (Again)

  1. avatar AndyBob says:

    Captain Jack meeting River Song? My mind has just officially been blown!!

  2. avatar paul blume says:

    Surely you mean, half a CENTURY, yes?

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Haha! Yep, sorry – good spot. In the Doctor’s words, we’re not young professionals; more like ancient amateurs.

  3. avatar James says:

    I can confirm the penultimate paragraph is not a typo ;)

  4. avatar PPC says:

    This is good reporting but it entirely conflicts with an onset report we have over at Paranormal Pop Culture. We have a reliable source telling us they saw Barrowman filming with Matt Smith on an episode with the 456. Our source has a strong connection to the show, so do we think Barrowman might be stalling?

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