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Published on October 12th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Could Grant Morrison Write Doctor Who?

Comic writer Grant Morrison

It appears  that Scottish comic book writer and screenwriter Grant Morrison would like to be part of the Doctor Who writing team, something that would be very exciting if it actually happened.

Apparently Morrison has tried to establish contact with Steven Moffat, as revealed at the recent MorrisonCon at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel.

[Steven] Moffat had been getting a lot of tweets from people who were saying, ‘You should have Grant write “Doctor Who,”‘ and I’d really love to write ‘Doctor Who.’

Grant added that a friend of his who had worked with both writer Mark Gatiss and The Grant Moff pitched the idea, requesting that Morrison get in touch himself…

We tried it four or five times, and he never wrote back.

In order to push the case, screenwriter Max Landis who also sat on the panel prompted the audience into a mass tweeting of Mark Gatiss with the hashtag of #letgrantmorrisonwritedrwho.

Morrison, who has written for comic series such as Superman, Batman, X-Men and Judge Dredd, would be a brilliant choice to write for Doctor Who as he is well-known for using non-linear narratives within his stories which would fit in well with the Steven Moffat era. Neil Gaiman certainly proved that a comic book writer can pen an excellent Doctor Who episode. After all, Grant has previous – he wrote the comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine in the 1980s, and was responsible for several stories (such as The World Shapers, Changes and Culture Shock) which have been collected together and reissued over the past few years.

However, at this stage, this is all conjecture and nothing is set in stone until it is announced. It’s certainly a gamble getting a writer involved in Doctor Who for television when they’ve had no previous episodes to back them up but we all took a chance with Simon Nye and that went amazingly well!

As always, we’ll keep you up to date with any developments that we hear of but if you have a certain piece of work that Grant Morrison has written that you think is very Doctor Who-ish then we would love to hear about it in the comments section below.


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3 Responses to Could Grant Morrison Write Doctor Who?

  1. avatar Matt Adams says:

    You don’t mention Grant’s previous experience writing for DWM’s comic strip – The World Shapers was a continuity-fest for the Sixth Doctor which incorporated Voord, Cybermen and an elderly Jamie McCrimmon…
    Bit of an oversight in an article like this, no?

  2. Guilty as charged, Matt. It *was* there but it seems to have gone missing during the edit. We’ll fix it shortly :D

  3. avatar Ned says:

    nah, not gonna happen. Doctor Who is a big production and needs experienced, reliable scriptwriters. Thats why certain “less than popular” writers keep coming back again and again because they can deliver a filmable script on time. No point hiring a genius maverick if they’re going to give you a script with a £24 million budget 2 years late.

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