Big Finish Tom Baker Stars in Big Finish Cast Adaptation of Treasure Island

Published on September 22nd, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Tom Baker’s Treasuring a Chrismas Carol!

Tom Baker Stars in Big Finish's Cast Adaptation of Treasure IslandNot content with enlisting Tom Baker to come back to his role of the Fourth doctor on a yearly basis, Big Finish have also got the actor to star in their new audio version of Treasure Island.

The full cast adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic swashbuckling tale, which has been written and directed by Barnaby Edwards, will feature Baker as Long John Silver as well as vocal talents from Nicholas Farrell (The Iron Lady) and Edward Holtom (Sherlock).

But that’s not enough for Big Finish, so they’ve also enlisted the talents of Tony Haygarth (Chicken Run), Gareth Armstrong (Doctor Who: The Masque of Mandragora), Nicholas Pegg (Doctor Who, Doc Martin) and Nicholas Briggs (Doctor Who, Lewis). Now that’s an ensemble cast!

Barnaby Edwards expressed his excitement for the project recently:

Ever since we did The Phantom of the Opera (another Big Finish adaptation)…I’d wanted to adapt another classic novel for audio… It was only when Tom Baker let slip he’d always fancied reprising the role of Long John Silver – a part he’d played to great acclaim in a 1981 stage version – that the project was revived. Then, sooner than you could say ‘Pieces of Eight’, it was full sail ahead for Treasure Island!

Released under the Big Finish Classics range, Treasure Island will be available on triple CD or via download from March 2013 and as an added bonus, all pre order CD’s will be signed by Tom Baker himself!

You can pre order Treasure Island on CD for £14.99 of via download for £8.99 now from

Tom Baker Reads Charles Dickens' A Christmas CarolHowever, the tale does not end there (does it ever?) because if you can’t wait until next year to hear Tom’s booming tones recreating adventures on the high seas then you’ll only have to wait  until October 1st 2012 to get yourself a copy of his unabridged reading of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

You know the story, you’ve seen Steven Moffat’s take on it for the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special, now enjoy Tom Baker as the miserly Ebenezer Scrooge who learns a very important life lesson on Christmas eve. Who better to play a moody old man than Tom Baker?

You can pre-order the CD of A Christmas Carol for a mere £4.80 (over 50% off the £10.00 RRP) at Amazon!


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One Response to Tom Baker’s Treasuring a Chrismas Carol!

  1. avatar STLShawn says:

    Wonderful to see Tom Baker having a great time doing things that are not only fun for him (sounds like it is anyway), but something that kids can get into. I could only imagine how fantastic it will be to hear this. It’s going to be wonderful to hear Tom Baker’s amazing voice I’m sure.

    I really had an issue getting my kids into classic Who when they were children, they actually got into some classic who from Big Finish CD’s on long car trips, and the occasional “Well, you can stay up a bit late, but i’m watching Doctor Who on VHS”. They really became fans of the show even though it did not have the “whiz bang” that they had become accustomed to.

    I personally believe that audio adventures still has a huge prospective market in cars, trucks, commercial semi trucks, satellite radio, and various other ways. Lets face it, you can’t “watch” Who while driving.

    Anyway, fantastic article Mr Burdett, well researched and a great read.

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