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Published on September 19th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Nan Desu Kan’s Got Cosplay!

While the UK prepares for the invasion of the little black cubes, Denver’s Nan Desu Kan convention – normally focussing on Japanese art – has been invaded by Doctor Who!

The NDK was held at the Marriott DTC on 14- 16th September, and celebrates anime – so it’s a surprise to hear how the BBC’s flagship show has taken over! Doctors old and new wandered throughout the dealer’s room, alongside Weeping Angels and the Master, with sellers displaying Doctor Who t-shirts and other collectables. There was even one who had a shirt for an infant, proudly stating, ‘Stormaggedon: Dark Lord of All”! You want one, right?

Meanwhile, in the Artists’ Alley, Kevin Yan displayed two pieces of Doctor Who art, featuring Doctors Ten and Eleven. You can read more about how Whovians unexpectedly took over the NDK here.

It’s a great testament to the show’s success, of course, and how Doctor Who has increased its audience through heavy promotion on BBC America (and episodes set in New York, the Wild West etc.).

With an anime model of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor coming out soon, could there be call for a manga-inspired Doctor Who comic…?


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  2. avatar Emily says:

    Hey, that Stormageddon onesie was ours! =)

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