Amy and Rory will leave the TARDIS in The Angels Take Manhattan

Moffat: ‘Amy and Rory get fitting end’

Amy and Rory will leave the TARDIS in The Angels Take ManhattanIt’s not the departure that matters – just the manner in which we finally say goodbye to the Ponds.

Having already spoken of altering the emphasis of those final moments Steven Moffat has promised a ‘fitting end to the era of the mighty Ponds’ when the pair exit the TARDIS for the final time in The Angels Take Manhattan reports Digital Spy:

All stories have to end, and painful though that is, the most important thing about a story is how it finished. I had over a year’s warning to get this sorted out, and I’m very proud of what we’ve done.

Moffat also spoke of how he devised the episode whilst in the Big Apple itself:
There was something about [returning monsters] the Weeping Angels and New York that just seemed to make sense to me.

With America being the land of opportunity, the return of the Angels gave Moffat the chance to try out a new form of Weeping Angel:
It’s always good to find a new form for [the Angels] and we’ve got little cherubs this time. I had loads of ideas for the Weeping Angels on both the previous stories that I never got anywhere close to using, so it was good to find the opportunity.

Doctor Who continues this Saturday with The Power of Three at 7:30pm on BBC One and BBC HD, at 9/8c on BBC America.


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