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Published on September 8th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Matt Smith: ‘I’m not turning into a woman’

Are we getting closer to the chance of having a female version of the Doctor flying the TARDIS through time and space? Will the Doctor be swapping certain body parts and suddenly start finding Captain Mike Yates that little bit more attractive?

According to Matt Smith, it doesn’t seem likely in the near future.

Whilst speaking to assembled reports – including our own Brian Terranova – Smith commented about the possibility of the Doctor becoming female rather than male and pondered:

Would it change the fundamentals of the character? No.

But it’s an interesting idea, if the Doctor’s a woman, does she have a Doctor baby? Is there a mini-Doctor? I don’t know, who knows?

I never see that happening any time soon to be honest. I don’t think it will happen.

[Because you’re not leaving us?] No. And I’m not turning into a woman.

Whilst it certainly would be a fundamental knock on the head for the show and would give it one of the biggest shake ups that it had ever seen, is it necessarily a good idea? We’re not saying that there aren’t actresses that could pull off the role, certainly there are many that could create a wonderful twelfth, thirteenth or fourteenth Doctor (Helen Mirren, we’re looking in your direction) but when it comes to its core, Doctor Who is the story of a man that never quite grew up, one that never wanted too much responsibility but acquired it anyway. The Doctor is very reminiscent of a teenager that happens to have lived for nine hundred years, he defeats the monsters, saves the day but never with a solid plan, and it’s always last minute and on a wing and a prayer thanks to some good luck.

His enemies always underestimate him because he comes across as a foolish boy, which every single fella on the planet Earth does. He utilises that factor to win the battles, a female Time Lord would surely be more highly regarded, viewed as a clever and formidable foe and someone that enemies would not let their guard down when around.

A female Doctor would not necessarily be a bad idea but surely it would make the Doctor’s life a lot harder?


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2 Responses to Matt Smith: ‘I’m not turning into a woman’

  1. avatar Paul says:

    Mike Yates = gay icon

    Something a little off with your choice of exemplar of heterosexuality, methinks.

  2. avatar Drew says:

    ^^They’re also assuming that fem!Doctor would just change her sexuality and suddenly be attracted to men after being attracted to women for 1000 odd years.

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