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Published on September 11th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Do You Recognise This Man?

Website io9 reckon that they’ve spotted the recurring theme of Series 7 of Doctor Who, that of the Doctor not being recognised…

Matt Smith as Doctor WhoAt the end of The Wedding of River Song, the Doctor fooled everyone into thinking he was dead and declared to Dorium Maldovar that he was going to step back into the shadows for fear of becoming too big. Dorium then gave the Doctor some foreshadowing news concerning his future when he asked the question that no one must: Doctor who?

In Asylum of the Daleks, the Parliament of the Daleks have their collective memories of the Doctor wiped away, leaving them with no recollection of their greatest enemy, which leaves the Doctor in a very giddy mood indeed. During Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, there are several moments where the audience is led to believe that the Doctor is recognised by the villain or that the ship’s computer will scan the Time Lord and reveal who he is but it seems that the Universe is rapidly forgetting it’s long and complicated relationship with the Doctor, as both times he is an unrecognised man.

This has led io9 to the conclusion that the big idea for Series 7 will be the thread of the Doctor not being recognised and feared by his enemies from his reputation only, the Doctor is once again going to have to (as he did in Asylum of the Daleks) remind people of why they’re scared of him.

Is this something that will play out through the entirety of the new series, culminating in some cataclysmic event to tie into the show’s fiftieth anniversary? Will The First Question and The Fields of Trenzalore form part of a gargantuan story arc that will somehow see past Doctors have to come together to remind the Universe and the beings that dwell in it just how powerful they are?

Let’s just get through the Pond’s departure first and then we’ll talk about the bigger ideas!


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6 Responses to Do You Recognise This Man?

  1. avatar paul blume says:

    Considering what a duplicitous creature Moffat is ~ lies like a beggar, he does ~ all that waffle about each episode of series 7 being stand-alone may have been exactly that. Waffle.

    • avatar Esterath says:

      No he said, there would be a story arc, but as arc-driven like Season 32 was.

  2. avatar Don Krouskop says:

    …and it’s a great big ruse, IMO. I believe the Daleks were lying about not knowing him at the end of “Asylum”. In fact, I think the whole Asylum mission (including Oswin the “Dalek”) was one big deception, aimed at getting the Doctor to reveal to the Daleks the answer to the all-important question “Doctor who?” The more he’s not recognized this season, the more I’ll be convinced that in the end we’ll discover that the Daleks haven’t forgotten him at all, but simply want him to believe it’s safe to let his newest companion in on his most closely guarded secret.

  3. avatar BOJAY says:

    I think that the Doctor continuing to impact the Universe in anonymity, is a good idea. It creates new ground and new opportunities to explore when his reputation doesn’t proceed him. The mythology can be refreshed without having to do drastic things like wipe out Gallifrey or his losing his memories(like the BBC EDA books trainwrecking there, which in my opinion took things right off the rails. And there will always be someone like the Master, or Davros (his not being connected to the Dalek Collective)who will recognize him anywhere anyway. Being free from his own legend means that he can really have some fun…….

  4. avatar James says:

    I thought Moffat’s ongoing theme was of inappropriate salacious inuendo.

  5. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Nice bit of writing by Moffat there. Us Whovians obviously remember everything about series six, but for the casual viewer, they might’ve forgotten that everyone thinks the Doctor’s dead, and about The Question.

    So that bit at the end of Asylum was a wonderful reminder for them! :)

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