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Published on September 16th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

David’s Got a Time Leech!

Who was lucky enough to attend the Lords of Time convention held at the Birmingham Hilton Metropole Hotel last weekend? We’d love to hear your stories if you have any regarding your personal experiences!

As the dust settles on the three day event, it appears that fun was had by all from the myriad of appearances of famous Doctor Who names including Mr David Tennant, Anthony Head, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Fraser Hines, Shaun Dingwall, James Moran, Mat Irvine and K9 to name a few.

The Time Leech, by Christian Cawley, Brian Terranova, Justin Abbot and Rick LundeenEvents kicked off on Friday with a Titanic themed party (not the Titanic Titanic but the Voyage of the Damned Titanic that the Doctor managed to save) which gave everyone the opportunity to dress up and look very suave indeed. Members of the David Tennant forum website and DavidTennantCom were there in full force, sipping on drinks and most likely discussing their favourite things about Doctor Who (our guess would be David Tennant).

Saturday saw the plethora of celebrity guests shaking their money makers and schmoozing with ticket holders, Fraser Hines was a bit of a flirt apparently, just what we expect from the handsome devil. Mark Benton talked about his career during his panel session and revealed that interestingly enough, Clive was not meant to die in Rose and his off screen “death” at the hands of an Auton was meant to make way for further appearances in Doctor Who, it’s a shame that that never happened.

Sunday saw the invigorating appearance of David Tennant, who stole the show with his panel event. In between signing photographs, answering questions about the perfect cup of tea and generally entertaining everyone, the former Doctor was presented with a few gifts; the obvious jewel in the crown for him would have been the copy of Time Leech, the graphic novel written by’s bold and intelligent Lord on High, Christian Cawley.

Susan of the DTForum describes the moment:

He then looked longingly at the third book and was about to sign it. I told him he could sign it if he wanted to but that one was for him. A gift from I got a bit of Tennant squeal and he said:  “I was really hoping you would say that  but I didn’t want to ask!

We expect that Tennant probably had to leave early in order to start reading it.

It looks like everyone had an incredibly fun weekend, got to make new friends and saw some very important faces from the world of Doctor Who. For a full recount of the weekend’s events visit the DT Forum!

A mere handful of copies remain of Time Leechorder yours now!


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8 Responses to David’s Got a Time Leech!

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Having receive my copy not long ago, I can honestly say I was blown away by the quality of the magazine and the over all production. Excellently done.

  2. avatar Aziraphale says:

    “Members of the David Tennant forum website and DavidTennantCom were there in full force, sipping on drinks and most likely discussing their favourite things about Doctor Who (our guess would be David Tennant).”

    This came across as a bit sneery. I hope that wasn’t intended.

    • I’m sure it wasn’t. Didn’t come across that way to the rest of us!

      • avatar Aziraphale says:

        Well, it did to a couple of DT forum people I know who commented on how Whovians are very patronising to them. I assured them it wasn’t the case with Kasterborous folk.

        • Thanks, Aziraphale.

          Anyone reading who felt uncomfortable reading that, please note that there was not a note of snide intended.

          • avatar DT Forum says:

            Thanks for defending us but we are fine with the statement in Blog. No problems here. are good friends of ours have supported for quite a while. That is why we were more than willing to give David Tennant the famous Time Leech

            Thanks again.

            Delenn (Susan)
            Site Owner / Editor / Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
            DT Forum – An Unofficial David Tennant News Blog.

  3. So how aware is David of Kasterborous, then?

    • More than he was?

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