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Published on September 25th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Caro Skinner Excited by 50th Anniversary Plans

If you judge Doctor Who by Its Executive Producers, then it’s fair to say that Caroline Skinner has helped to create some of the best Eleventh Doctor stories since Matt Smith erupted onto television screens in 2010.

The newest batch of episodes, the first five from series seven, have been heartbreaking, glorious, hilarious, stunning, ambitious, proud and above all, fun.

###Of course, it’s never just down to one person but it’s good to hear from someone who isn’t Steven Moffat once in a while to understand their processes and thoughts about making The Best Television Show In The World. Skinner recently sat down for a conversation with the Radio Times, just before Asylum of the Daleks went out, where she discussed her thoughts on the departure of the Ponds in The Angels Take Manhattan, the loss of Doctor Who Confidential, the arrival of the brilliant Jenna Louise-Coleman, Russell T Davies’ Dalek and what the future holds for the good Doctor.

Interestingly, Skinner mentions that plans for the fiftieth anniversary are starting to take shape with what sounds like a lot of fun and exciting events taking place in 2013, including:

Live events, TV stuff, various programmes that will cover all aspects of it. It’s certainly our intention to do justice to the scale of it.

Her thoughts about the official website’s coverage of the show in the absence of Doctor Who Confidential meanwhile instills confidence.

We will be doing lots of content that will be in smaller chunks on the site. It won’t be related to the Confidential brand because it was a BBC decision to let that go. But we have a team of people on set coming up with some really fun features.

Find out more at the Radio Times website.


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2 Responses to Caro Skinner Excited by 50th Anniversary Plans

  1. avatar BOJAY says:

    They really can’t even begin to let the cat out of this bag yet. I believe the fans might need to redefine their expectations about how the 50th Anniversary is going to be celebrated. I know I always seem to be thinking “Special Episode”, but this time, I think we’re all in for far more than just that.

  2. avatar James says:

    The series is really suffering 43 minute fatigue. It needs longer to do justice to big ideas like a dinosaur ark or properly explore a Dalek planet or deliver a satisfying ending instead of a silly cop-out for the cube invasion one. As it is, these ideas are wasted by the constrictions of the time limitation.

    Moffat has also ruined the cliff-hanger appeal of the show, the hook to bring viewers back is gone.

    If there’s to be a ‘special’ it needs to have enough time to breathe as a story, not be arbitrarily truncated.

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