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Published on September 23rd, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds


Burn In Designs: TARDIS Dice Tower

A TARDIS dice tower? Sure, why not? After all one is a device in which the components within are discombobulated before being dumped unceremoniously out of their vessel and the other is a Dice Tower.

Burn in Designs – the custom laser engraving gaming specialists – has concocted this TARDIS Dice Tower, the first in a series of themed dice towers.

The Tower is six inches tall, works with most standard dice and comes with a removable dice tray to help corral those pesky dice as they come out of the cute – which itself is embossed with a little Gallifreyan (which I believe roughly translates as: “Come on, Baby needs a new pair of shoes!” )

The unit comes pre-drilled with four magnets for easy assembly and is available in both wood – for $25 (£15.51) - and assembled acrylic – for $30 (£18.62) - in your choice of clear, blue or red (why you would want a red TARDIS I don’t know)

To order, send an email to or to find out more and keep abreast of all the latest developments why not ‘like’ Burn in Designs on Facebook.

(Thanks to James)


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