Doctor Who News Karen Gillan as Amy Pond with Dalek and Time Lord

Published on August 20th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

What Can We Learn from a Free Gift?

Karen Gillan as Amy Pond with Dalek and Time Lord

We’re just 12 days away from September 1st – the date upon which the smart money is on Doctor Who returning to BBC One.

So why is it so quiet?

Short of a couple of new photographs (see later), nothing is coming out of the BBC to confirm or deny the existence of a TARDIS-shaped slot on Saturday evenings fro September, kicking off with Asylum of the Daleks.


There is this, a small mention of Daleks in the foot of the Radio Times’ preview of their next issue – which would cover the period from September 1st to 7th.

It’s all in this week’s Radio Times, out Tuesday priced £1.40. And you’ll want to check back again next week for our free Dalek wall-chart!

Of course, this might just be part of a Radio Times build-up to a September 8th launch.

The fact is, until the BBC confirms the broadcast date, we just won’t know for sure…

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3 Responses to What Can We Learn from a Free Gift?

  1. avatar kevin merchant says:

    Part of the usual excellent BBC publicity drive, designed to generate a lot of hype for the new series

  2. avatar Tig Lang says:

    My edition of the Radio Times (the Scotland/Border printing) says of next week’s issue ‘Doctor Who is Back’ – no ambiguity there – and says we will have an episode guide from Stephen Moffat (and the dalek wallchart). So it looks as if it will air on the first of September(unless we are getting it a week early in Scotland, thanks to Moffat and Gillan!)

  3. avatar Gruff says:

    I need that wallchart. Must get one.

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