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Published on August 28th, 2012 | by The Valeyard

The Valeyard Judges Pond Life

Pond Life? Really?

That’s the best idea they could come up with for a spin off? Oh for shame.

While I have long resigned myself to the fact that my former companions are becoming a more integral part of how the show is put together I still can’t quite bring myself to believe that these two are worthy of a spin off. Well perhaps Rory, that boy has shown some potential.

Indeed the dear boy performs what is, for me at least, the highlight of the series so far; the deletion of the Doctor. Granted it’s merely from his answer machine, but from some acorns and all that.

But I fail to see the appeal of seeing the ginger one her own series. Especially given that we all know she’s about to depart from the series proper. Oh for the days where you actually had to watch the show to find out what was going to happen. I just hope that Moffat has the stones to finish them off for good, I’m not sure I could take it if this was merely series .

But is it even really a series? So far it’s seemed more like a clip show from some bad 80s sitcom. Granted it’s more of a flash forward than a flash back, but you take my point, surely?

There has been a serious opportunity missed here. A void was created when I inadvertently had Doctor Who Confidential cancelled last year and how better to fill it than with my own magnificent self. It wouldn’t have to be long; merely a few moments of reflection from my good self after the episode about how it could have been made better.

Think about that when the next installment becomes available online. After all who’d rather have Miss Pond on their screens when they could have me?


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2 Responses to The Valeyard Judges Pond Life

  1. avatar david says:

    Frankly i’d rather “miss pond” on my screens for obvious reasons:D

    But i agree that these seem more like cutout-clips than something which is supposed to build the tension

  2. avatar January Lost says:

    Dearest most exalted Valeyard,

    I can only say I agree with you. I loathe the Ponds. Yes, even Rory (please don’t destroy me!). Every time I see them in the show I cringe, and the fact that their appeal is so that a set of mini-webisodes has transpired has me worried about the whole human race in general.

    It’s probably apt to say that since they seem to have appeal to the general masses… we’re dumbing-down enough that your eventual transpiring to supreme ruler of the universe is probably nigh.

    Regardless, if you could please, would you mind terribly smiting those Ponds?!

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