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Published on August 29th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Smith Doubts 50th Regeneration!

Has Matt Smith just confirmed he’s committed to the role of the Doctor beyond 2013?

Matt Smith as the Eleventh DoctorIn and amongst the rumours surrounding when exactly Matt Smith would leave the role of the Doctor, one fan wish was that the Eleventh Doctor would regenerate as part of the shows fiftieth anniversary.

However in an interview with the Radio Times  Matt seemed to confirm that the celebrations were unlikely to feature a regeneration; giving the strongest indication yet that he would be staying beyond 2013:

“We want to make [the anniversary] as big and bold and as brilliant as we can because, we hope, it can be one of the monumental bits of TV history…But I doubt there’ll be a regeneration.”

Recently, at the BFI screening of Asylum of the Daleks Matt scotched rumours that he had signed an extension to his existing contract:

“I don’t know where this talk of the 2014 contract came from… I haven’t signed anything new.”

So even with Matt’s doubts about any potential regeneration - which you could argue would take the focus away from celebrating the show and on to speculation on who would fill the role of the Doctor – it follows that if there isn’t a regeneration scene in 2013 then he must still be in the role come 2014.

However, Matt knows just what a tease Moffat is:

“Steven will tease you all right to the end. Because that’s what he does to me.”

With one eye on the immediate future Moffat recently told Digital Spy that the anniversary celebrations would be “huge”, but added that fans will have plenty to look forward to before 2013.

“We’ve got an awful lot of stuff to announce before that…We don’t aim to have one event, over a year in the future – we want to make Doctor Who an event every single week. And we’re going to pull that off, so… patience!”

So regeneration or no regeneration? Would you like to see the Doctor regenerate on this historic anniversary?


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Everyone has a favourite Doctor and mine - just for his honesty, his fairness and his ability to not notice the Master's awful, awful disguises/anagrams (Sir Gilles Estram!?!) - has to be the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. The stories didn’t serve him as well as his acting served those stories.

12 Responses to Smith Doubts 50th Regeneration!

  1. avatar Iltu says:

    Actually, no – because that would mean Matt leaving – and as I like his portrayal of the Doctor I’d like to keep him for a while longer.
    On the other hand, as I go with the Brigadier’s ” Wonderful chap, all of them”, I have no doubt that when the day comes and a new actor gets to play the best role ever, I will welcome him as well :) ( Only – please don’t cast a woman – that is a rumor which makes me shudder…)

  2. avatar Tig Lang says:

    Iltu, I couldn’t agree more with everything you say.

  3. avatar Simon B says:

    I hope there isnt a regenration either. If there was it would take all of the focus off of what should be a celebration of all of the 50 years of Doctor Who. It should be nostalgic, not an “end of an era”. Plus on the flip side, how daunting and unfair on any new actor to have that kind of pressure. Having said all that of course, you could ebd the show on the beginnings of a regeneration without actually showing the new Doctor. Now that would be the Cliff hanger to end all cliffhangers, especially if the BBC could keep it all underwraps. imagine the speculation at the end of that one!

  4. avatar Spider-pope says:

    I’d rather there not be a regeneration personally. Tennant already left the role far too early, to see the same thing happen with the excellent Matt Smith would be very frustrating.

  5. avatar Katie says:

    The 2013 celebration episodes have been planned and some of the details have already been leaked. I don’t want to leave a massive spoiler in a comment (that wouldn’t be fair to anyone who didn’t want to be spoiled) but the “is Matt Smith still the Doctor in 2014?” question has already been answered.

    If you want a clue… I blogged about the spoiler a little while ago…

    • True or not, those “spoilers” are hardly imaginative. half of the K forum (and I daresay a lot more on GB and DWO) have come up with variations on exactly the same plot over the past 3 years.

  6. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    I am getting sick and tired of people asking when an incarnation of The Doctor will leave the show… due to fan-preference the BBC are highly unlikely to a full remake of the 1963 show, so it’s almost as if people want the show to get canned.

  7. avatar January Lost says:

    I don’t think I’d like to see Smith go. His portrayal of the Doctor is quite wonderful.

    Contrary to most popular opinion (and a bit off-subject) I think I’d like to see Moffat go. He offers who some incredible moments, for sure, but overall I find myself disappointed at the “kid’s show” mentality that so many episodes take on.

    • avatar CastellanSpandrel says:

      I agree with January. I don’t mean any ingratitude towards Moffat, who has done a lot of great things for the programme, but I’m sick of the Dr being Santa and there always needing to be a child involved in the story as a main character. It’s something that never used to happen in Dr Who, and in my opinion it’s like pubs – they’re usually better without kids in them!

      And regarding the tone of the stories: Inferno, Caves of Androzani, Robots of Death, Genesis of the Daleks…. Just a few that were made with arguably a more grown up tone than, say, Time and the Rani or The Dr, the Widow and the Wardrobe. And yet children still watched them and loved them. I feel the current regime ‘talk down’ to children in a lot of today’s stories, and there’s no need for it. Pitch the stories at grown ups and the kids will respect it and will still watch anyway.

      • avatar Muadha says:

        Eww do u want it to be like torchwood

  8. avatar Castellanspandrel says:

    I might have to recant the above in light of Asylum of the Daleks.We’ll see!

  9. avatar G says:

    I will be quite distressed if he regenerates during the 50th. While the majority of my friends prefer Tennant, Smith is “my” doctor, so to speak. However, I do think there will be a regeneration during or right after Christmas.

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