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Published on August 10th, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

Rose Unlikely for 50th Anniversary

Could we see a return of David Tennant’s Doctor in our future?

It’s entirely possible, according to the man himself:

“I’ll always be able to come back in the alternate world because the Doctor will age like a normal human.”

This would give him a more credible excuse than most of the past Doctors to appear in a future storyline. Short of them pulling the “shorting out the time differential” trick again, we’ve seen most of them die looking a lot younger than we have now which is problematic for their appearances in any anniversary special. The ones whose regenerations haven’t been on screen are Doctors two and eight, the first of which has the obvious shortcoming of being dead.

Strictly speaking, there are ways of rationalising it (it’s Doctor Who, there are ways of rationalising everything). However, if we do see his alternate Earth self, what might be harder to rationalise in the eyes of certain fans will be the lack of Rose:

“Billie probably wouldn’t come back and that’s what would be problematic. It’s always possible but I can’t tell you if there are any plans yet.”

That quote just makes coming back sound more likely than if he’d said “it’s never happening”. It is this writer’s opinion that you could grab Tennant’s Doctor from the period of time when he wandered the universe alone, but that’s just an idle thought.

What do you think? Should Tennant come back as his Metacrisis self or as the Time Lord Victorious himself? Answers on a postcard – or in the comments below!


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13 Responses to Rose Unlikely for 50th Anniversary

  1. avatar Drew Walko says:

    Ummm, last time I checked, Paul McGann is very much alive…

    • *how did I miss that???????????!!*

      Thanks Drew. It’s best that I leave it there, with an edit, rather than explain what prompted it in the first place and embarrass Scott ;)

      • avatar Doug Bolden says:

        Man, saw that in the rss feed, and worried that McGann had recently died and I somehow had missed it.

    • Come on, man. It says:

      “The ones whose regenerations haven’t been on screen are Doctors two and eight, the first of which has the obvious shortcoming of being dead.”

      The first of which is “two”.

      • Unless the post was edited? In which case I apologize.

        • Hey Kevin

          Yeh the post was edited after the fact. It was a mess to begin with… :S

  2. avatar Spaceman says:

    Metacrisis Doctor type chappie…. Yeah it’s an idea, but the dimensional door closure.. Isn’t Now(!!) closed for good…

    Though, please(!) must we have Rose Tyler….?? Don’t get me wrong, I like the character and Billie was great. But this constantly yanking her back in after that massively emotional and powerful shock ending of Doomsday has been knocked for six by Russell’s fan legacy of, RTD -Rose Tyler Demand (to return).

    I’d prefer to see Jackie Tyler with the Metacrisis Doctor, more fun and amusing, especially if with the other Doctors… Or, if the actual 10th incarnation, how about Martha Or Donna…

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Bringing up the meta-crisis Doctor brings up a thought—*bear with me*:

    it’d be great if his existence in that other world somehow magically retroactively created all the past Doctors in that universe as well but because of his state “condition”, they all are aging normally as well, and we’d see them as they would be today. :)

  4. avatar Simon Spencer says:

    I prefer the Metacrisis Doctor because of the possibilities that role provides rather than someone who can regenerate. In Journey’s End we had a form of The Doctor where this introduction of Humanity in his creation actually made him more volatile than his Time Lord-counterpart. Imagine for a moment that they have continued to go adventures, even though he doesn’t have a TARDIS (due to changes for the TV script) and can’t regenerate. They are both injured on one of these, and only he survives as a result…

    To me that would make a great side-story as we can explore the psyche of him losing someone he loves, because it was his fault, which could lead him to regaining another heart and becoming the Valeyard.

  5. avatar Emilly says:

    I thing Tennant should come back as Doctor’s Metacrisis, but if this one will come back so Rose must come back too! So and because of it I’ll be happy if Tennat returns as TimeLord. ^^

  6. avatar Beverly says:

    Tennant must come back, metacrisis-shmetacrisis! The man is one of the best actors I’ve watched in a looong time, and yes, I want Rose back too, but the potentials of the characters and possible story lines would allow for ebb and flow, just like real life. Who knows? A possible story? To wit, if the characters had been allowed to continue on in Pete’s world, they might have gotten on each others nerves so bad that, in the end, they parted ways (again.) A Doctor, on the loose, on a GREAT big Earth, and Torchwood trying to hunt him down? (Shudder!) The potentials…..(drool!)

  7. avatar Rosa says:

    I don’t know …. Maybe they can say she had to stay home because she need to “babysit”???

  8. avatar Cindy says:

    Doctor in metacrisis could go through another metacrisis like Donna Noble did to create him in the first place. Best part would be he could grow another heart and be the Time Lord Doctor Who again!

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