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Published on August 14th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Opening Title Changes?

Does the recent change to the current logo and the revamp of the official website which features the addition of a fiery orange indicate a revision to the Doctor Who opening titles?

Over at the official site a few colours have been swapped around, but the most striking alteration is the presence of an orange background on the rearranged Doctor Who logo.

Meanwhile the logo lettering itself has transferred from blue to silver. Perhaps this is a stepping stone to gold for the 50th anniversary?

What do you think – do you like the old style logo and vortex, or is this a change you’re looking forward to?



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10 Responses to Opening Title Changes?

  1. avatar James says:

    Personally, I much prefer the blue background with silver logo and “DW” insignia in the centre, although I’m not averse to the change. Looking forward to the likely new opening titles!

  2. avatar Rick says:

    not a fan of the orange behind the silver, only because basic design dictates you have a color in there where the type can pop off the background.

    • avatar James McLean says:

      Reminds of similar errors in the RTD era with basic typographical rules ignored, in both cases leading to a suffocated logo by an imposing background. Still, looking forward to a slightly new opening sequence.

  3. avatar Matthew Littledyke says:

    It will be interesting to see what it will look like on screen

  4. avatar Darren says:

    I saw ‘Asylum’ at the BFI, and the opening titles are different. I don’t think this is particularly spoiler material, but who knows these days. Anyway, the background seems to be pretty much the same as has been the last couple of years, but the text type for the credits has changed, as has the way it shows up on screen. Nothing too exciting, but different. The neatest thing is the logo, which for this episode had Dalek bumps on it. Maybe they were trying to do rivets or whatever, but when you have ‘Daleks’ in the title of the episode, they are going to look like Dalek bumps. It might have just been a one off, maybe it will change every episode to reflect a bit of the story, or maybe it just is what it is. But I thought it was neat.

  5. avatar Darren says:

    Oh – and the logo was bronze on screen. Adding to the Dalek bumps.

  6. avatar Ian says:

    From BFI different title sequence each week.

  7. avatar stlshawn says:

    I’ve had issues with the logo from the start of the reboot.

    The RTD was a bit too “coffee shop” for me (I know i saw that background at a coffee shop, probably from a standard graphics pool inside some program).

    The Moff ones are also a bit hard to read. I was also not a fan of the tardis being in the middle.
    I like the old Doctor Who titles where doctor was small and who was big. It was just easy to read, and had a certain compactness to it.

    Let’s face it, it would be hard to forge a small hat pin using using any of the new logos.

  8. avatar Clayton says:

    Although I very much enjoyed the story “Asylum of the Daleks” the revamped opening title sequence is very disappointing. To my eyes it looked like a bad YouTube fan re-mix. And now I yearn for the days of the Amy Pond intro ala last year.

    As the Brigadier once remarked, “I didn’t know when I was well off”.

  9. avatar brendancalling says:

    I love the music. It’s much darker.

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