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Published on August 19th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Moffat Rewrote the Ponds’ Final Scenes

We all know that the Ponds are leaving the TARDIS one last time during the next series of Doctor Who, but there’s obviously a huge question as to how they go. And it’s a question that eluded showrunner, Steven Moffat, too.

Moffat has revealed that he completely rewrote Amy and Rory’s last scenes after initially announcing the companions would leave. He told Digital Spy:

“I completely changed the ending as I was writing it, thinking ‘No, I’ve got it wrong… I’m on the wrong emphasis’ – but it’s a good one and it’s properly emotional.”

Having joined the show alongside Matt Smith in 2010’s The Eleventh Hour, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are the longest-running new series companions, but are set to leave in episode five of the upcoming series, The Angels Take Manhattan.

Karen has even said how she was in denial about leaving the show that saw her become a household name, and held off reading the script for weeks! Matt Smith said of their exit:

“I was very moved, very moved indeed, because not only is it two characters that I love, it’s two actors that I love working with. To see them go – and I think go so beautifully… it’s moving.”

So did Steven kill the pair off, before deciding he couldn’t do that to his loyal audience and settled on a happy ending? Or is it the other way around…?


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3 Responses to Moffat Rewrote the Ponds’ Final Scenes

  1. avatar Esterath says:

    I think the Ponds deserve a happy ending.

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    I’d like to see the Ponds have a happy ending but it doesn’t seem likely. Apart from the Moff’s predilection for making his regulars suffer, i don’t believe the Ponds would leave unless given no way back. Well Rpry might, but Amy would keep popping back. Unfortunately, I don’t think happy ever after is written in the cards for the Ponds.

  3. avatar coppermop says:

    If the Ponds do meet a sticky end won’t we be left with a very gloomy, guilt-ridden Doctor?
    Anyway it would make a refreshing change to have a companion (or companions) in the new series leave for a positive reason after all the Rose/Martha/Donna angst.

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