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Published on August 5th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

Another New Writer for Series 7?

According to his agent, Curtis Brown, Jack Lothian is writing an episode of Series 7 of Doctor Who.

It’s his first time writing for the show, but he’s previously worked on hugely successful shows like Doc Martin (starring Snakedance’s Martin Clunes) and Death in Paradise (which has co-starred Lenora Critchlow – from Gridlock – and Miranda Raison, who played Tallulah in Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks).

The script is supposedly in development, so, if true, it’ll appear in the latter half of series seven, early in 2013. The only confirmed new writer to the series is Neil Cross, who created Luther and worked on Spooks, and whose episode has been filmed, and stars Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Doctor’s new companion.

Other confirmed for the 13 episode run (plus Christmas special) are: showrunner, Steven Moffat, naturally; Mark Gatiss, who’s penned two episodes (one of which is being filmed now); Chris Chibnall, who speaks about his two episodes in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine; and Toby Whithouse, who wrote stories like Vampires of Venice and last year’s The God Complex. Though unconfirmed, it’s likely that Curse of the Black Spot’s Steve Thompson will return after his success on Sherlock.

Lothian’s previous scripts obviously impressed Moffat – and he’s a great writer – but will he suit Doctor Who…?


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2 Responses to Another New Writer for Series 7?

  1. avatar Marlo says:

    I’m happy for the success of any writer trying to make his bones. And Dr. Who has such amazing story arcs, that bagging even one episode would be quite a prize, but I have one question:

    What the hell does Jack Lothian have against animals? He writes them to death in every episode. And it’s not all that funny, actually. It just seems disturbed. Let’s wait and see if he kills off an entire cute, cuddly space species with a comical TARDIS backfire before we cheer him on.

  2. avatar Marlo says:

    Um, excuse me, *Doctor* Who

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