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Published on July 24th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Moffat’s 13 Emmy Nominations!

Steven Moffat, writer of Doctor Who and SherlockSteven Moffat must feel like the cat that got all the cream right now. He’s running Doctor Who, his favourite show and he’s leading it into the 50th Anniversary.

Not only that but he’s also recreated Sherlock Holmes in an entirely new and extremely successful way. Basically, he’s the BBC’s golden boy who turns everything he touches into gold but without the whole literal Midas touch bit.

All his Doctor Who work will shine this year and next, of that we’re sure, but it’s his work on Sherlock that’s getting the praise right now or more specifically, the award nominations. Thirteen of them if we’re going to be exact!

Sherlock received this mighty Baker’s dozen and one amount through the Emmy Nominations and fans are getting very excited indeed. The range includes categories such as:

-Best miniseries or TV movie (for A Scandal in Belgravia)

-Best lead actor in a miniseries or TV movie (for Cumberbatch, naturally)

-Best supporting actor in a miniseries or TV movie (for Martin freeman, even more naturally)

-Best writing for a miniseries, TV movie or dramatic special (Mr Moffat, definitely)

And that’s only four of ‘em! The list covers everything. Whilst these are only nominations and do not guarantee a win and there’s the old saying of “it’s just lovely to be nominated), let’s hope that Sherlock cleans up this year to give Moffat some of the awards that he deserves for all his hard work!


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4 Responses to Moffat’s 13 Emmy Nominations!

  1. avatar daniel says:

    It does feel sometimes like Sherlock is the smarter older brother that everyone praises and Doctor Who is the unloved second child.

    Don’t get me wrong…i love Sherlock to bits but wish Who would be more praised.

    • avatar Chris says:

      I think the fact that the last series of Who was the most downloaded TV series on US iTunes last year, ahead of every other American show, is very very high praise.

      You never know, it might win something next year in its 50th…

    • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

      Completely agree with you. It’s about time Who got an Emmy…

  2. avatar Bob James says:

    I have always believed, with rare exceptions (Heath Ledger getting an Oscar, which he completely deserved, but would they have given it to him had he not died?), that the really great stuff of movies, television, music, have been the most unheralded, and unrewarded. We, those who love and appreciate Doctor Who, know what we have. And the reward that it is continuing to be made with genius and vision by people who also love it, might have to be its own reward/award. What Emmy Awards represent might mean a lot to some, but they are just statues given by people, not unlike other people, with opinions about what’s great or isn’t. We watch Doctor Who, worldwide, and the ratings that provides, and the revenue (that comes from us too!) keep it in production and getting better all the time. Russell and Steven have our love, appreciation and gratitude for bringing our good Doctor back, and we should take every opportunity to let them know that. Let’s keep watching!

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