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Published on July 18th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Moffat: Movie Rumours “a non-story”

Has Steven “The Grand Moff” Moffat finally put those pesky movie rumours to bed? Following his chat with the guys from Airlock Alpha at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, we certainly hope so!

Chatting in the press area with fellow Executive Producer Caro Skinner, Moffat chats about Series 7, the plans for the series’ fiftieth anniversary (naturally without giving anything away…) before being quizzed about the possibility of a Doctor Who movie.

Describing the project as a “non-story” is pretty damning, it has to be said, as is the statement that there will never be two parallel continuities. While it can be argued that we’ve had competing continuities in the past, the show was off air at the time, so this doesn’t really count.

While a Doctor Who feature film would be pretty awesome, let’s leave it where it belongs – on Saturday night TV!



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One Response to Moffat: Movie Rumours “a non-story”

  1. avatar TonyS says:

    I agree that “Doctor Who” should stay on Saturday eveing tv. I also agree that the Moff’s comment seems very erm definitive. Unfortunately the nature of the media is such that this will not quash the rumours. Give it time and the non-story will appear again.

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