Merchandise Is This The Most Expensive River Song Journal Ever?

Published on July 19th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Is River’s Journal Really Worth THAT?!

Is This The Most Expensive River Song Journal Ever?Have you bought yourself a toy Dalek recently? Or perhaps some other Doctor Who merchandise that tickles your fancy? A badge for your coat or a poster for your wall. Everyone has their favourite bit of Doctor Who fluff that they just have to buy.

But there comes a point where money is an object and a purchase becomes slightly nonsensical. You can’t justify a month’s rent on a Doctor Who item no matter how much you want it, which brings the subject to this little beauty.

An eBay seller who shall remain nameless is offering River Song’s TARDIS journal for sale, you know the one, the Doctor gave it to her in Let’s Kill Hitler and it’s her way of keeping the timelines organised between the two of them. It contains secrets that the Doctor should never know. Or at least it does in Doctor Who.

In real life, the seller is offering the journal for purchase but you have to fill in your own details because it’s all blank pages. This would be fine on any ordinary day except for the fact that the seller wants £957.59 for the item! Not, say, £20.00 but basically the cost of living for a month.

We’re not quite sure what planet they’re on but that seems like one of the most ridiculous sales pitches to ever be conceived. It’s listed as an officially licensed Doctor Who product but still, blimey.

Our advice would be to avoid this and save your money; you could always just buy a diary and paint it blue!


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5 Responses to Is River’s Journal Really Worth THAT?!

  1. avatar Francis Cave says:

    That has to be some sort of error with the listing.

    If you look at the copies that have been sold by the same seller to date they have all been between £10 and £20.

    Unless they have one final copy which is special in some way!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Absolutely you daft muppets – this is a complete non-story advertising an ebay error. Brilliant.

      • Or more pertinently, “informing readers so they don’t get fleeced”.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      It’s not an error per se, just a common method used by a lot of sellers when they run out of stock of a particular item temporarily and don’t want to take down the listing- they jack the price up to ludicrous amounts to make it clear that no one should buy it.

      Anyone bidding on it would likely be told such and the bid cancelled.

      • Hey Spider-pope – great reply, thanks for adding that insight :)

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