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Published on July 31st, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

He’s STILL Number One!?

What’s this? News that some bloke called Tennant has beaten our Matt and Tom to top a favourite Doctor poll in the Entertainment Weekly magazine?

Have you gone mad, America? It’s been over two years now, don’t you think you should be getting over it…?

Seriously though, it’s come as a bit of a surprise but congratulations to David Tennant and the legion of fans who must have voted for the Tenth Doctor!

A huge 59% swathe of the vote was cast in Tennant’s favour, while successor and incumbent Time Lord Matt Smith took second place with 16%. Meanwhile the biggest legend in television Tom Baker came third with a not unimpressive 12%.

Christopher Eccleston surprised with 8%, while the remaining Doctors shared the remaining 5% share of the vote.

We’re not going to bore you with a poll right here and now, but what we would like to know is – who would you have voted for, and why?

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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

28 Responses to He’s STILL Number One!?

  1. avatar daniel says:

    i will save everyone else saying it ..wonderful chaps all of them

  2. avatar Solonor says:

    I do have to say that Doctor Who is either the luckiest or best cast show in the history of ever. There’s not a single one of the lead actors who isn’t awesome as The Doctor. Naming a favorite Doctor is an exercise in futility for me, as I love them all.

    Oh, ok, it’s Troughton.

  3. avatar Bob James says:

    I agree with daniel and Solonor, about each actor who has portrayed the Doctor being excellent, and also each bringing their own unique take to the role. But my favorite is Paul McGann. He transcended the mediocrity of the tv movie, and has gone on with Big Finish to amply display how brilliant he can be (and is)when he has quality writing behind him. That he has made such an inpression with only one television appearance and his subsequent audio work is quite significant. Just think how he could (would) be if Russell and/or Steven had written for his Doctor. I hope we see that someday (50th Anniversary here we come!).

  4. avatar Boston Karen says:

    People continue to vote for Tennant as the best Doctor because he IS and WAS the best! Not only is he the best actor, and his take on the Doctor was great, but he was blessed by having the best show runner and writer — Russell T. Davies. Poor Matt doesn’t have a chance, with Stephen Moffatt at the helm.

  5. avatar Dr. Re says:

    From the people I know and have talked to here in the Northwest portion of the States, David is by far the favorite so the pole was no surprise. The way I see it is it’s not just because he’s a brilliant actor but let’s face it, he’s Scottish. What most people forget is that we have a lot of Scotsmen here in the states. True most settled here when shipped over here in the 1700s when the English broke up the clans, but the heritage is strong. So when given a choice, the Scotsman of course is the favorite. (Maybe it’s just that I live in a state where Kilts are popular day wear…you gotta love Oregon)

  6. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Have to agree with that poll.

    Matt is fine but honestly I’ve seen nothing of his run so far to convince me that Davis is the best Doctor since the return of the series in 2005 if not the entire run of the show.

    Still have a soft spot for Davison but I started being a fan from 1982 so thats hardly surprising….

  7. avatar Drew says:

    I went to a comicon in Kansas a few months ago and several people including a girl or two were dressed as Tennant. I also saw one Matt Smith, one Tom Baker with K-9. David Tennant is still very popular–personally I like him, but I think he tended to overact (and I hate it when he and Smith start rambling and mumbling so that you can’t hear what they’re saying.)

  8. avatar daniel says:

    So which Doctor is the best?

    Theres only one way to find out – FIGGGGGGGGHT!

  9. avatar Leo says:

    No disrespect but polls like this tend to voted by a large number of younger fan’s, much in the same way that East Ender’s always wins UK soap polls despite Coronation Street quite often getting more viewers-the demographic of viewings being older for CS. So the success of David is no surprise. Had you been in the days of Tom Baker, particularly his first three seasons, the result may be different.Forget the DVDs and the audio’s I talking the era of broadcast.David has actually gone up in my own personal estimations, in a sense I am a late comer to his fan club, and to be fair to him the times I did find his performance highly irritating, that was down to the writing.Paul McGann is the hidden gem. Matt is great as well.

  10. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Wow, a serious lack of eleventh Doctor love here! Very surprising, so I just wanna say, I love all the Doctors. Tennant is probably in my top 3, alongside Peter Davison, but Matt is my favourite!

  11. avatar Gavin Noble says:

    I would go Tom Baker, Peter Davison and then Matt Smith as my top three. I was never really into David Tennant’s portrayal – of modern Who he’s been my least favourite Doctor as I would have Chris Eccelston as no.4 in my list.

  12. avatar kat says:

    Why should we “get over it”?
    I only know “New Who” so I can only compare 3 Doctors, but of these three Tennant is by far my favourite.
    This doesn’t mean that I don’t love the others. Every one of them is special. I fully enjoy Matt Smith’s performance (I felt so heartbroken when Tennant left, I thought I’d hate him, but I definitely don’t, he’s wonderful)and I can’t wait for the new series. =)
    But this poll didn’t ask “Do you like Matt Smith – yes/no. It asked for our favourite.
    And while I didn’t vote since I’m not American (I’m Austrian btw, so sorry for my English^^), I’d have voted for Tennant because I like him best and there might never be another actor to portrait the Doctor that I’ll like better.

  13. avatar Doc Whom says:

    Never liked Tennant’s Doctor. Right from his first line “Did you miss me?” Far too self conscious and up his own bum in the role.

  14. avatar Carn says:

    Tennant was fine at first but got deeply annoying and overly smug by the end of his run. He doesn’t even rate in my top 5. Smith is number 1 in my list though with Pertwee close behind.

  15. avatar nel says:

    Honestly, kasterborous, what is your issue with Tennant? It seems that you are the ones who have not gotten over it. The rest of us seem to have moved on and stopped the childish mocking. What would you like us to “get over” and why? You would like us to say that Matt Smith is our favorite? Tom Baker? Wouldn’t you be annoyed if everyone insisted you say Tennant was your favorite? Tennant is a popular Doctor both in US and UK. No matter how much we may want fans to love all the Doctors, people will have a particular favorite; it’s human nature. We can all agree to disagree and have a polite discussion about who our favorite is and why. If you read the comments with the EW poll you’ll see quite a lot of people do like Smith, he just might not be their favorite. It happens. Get over it.

    • nel, it was a joke.

      As clearly indicated by the following line, which began “Seriously, though…”

      It may have escaped your attention, but traditionally the incumbent Doctor is voted “fave” in polls (usually in DWM) with Tom Baker coming second. If this isn’t something you’re aware of then fair enough, but that’s no reason to go into what I can only describe as “a rant”.

      The first few lines of the article should have given the little bit of humour away: “some bloke…”, “have you gone mad…” etc.

      It’s what we call “irreverence” and we’ve been doing it since 2004.

      • avatar Sakkiko says:

        Actually, in DWM it’s usually the other way ’round with Tom Baker coming out top of the list and the most recent Doctor as number two. Like in the last one. ;)

  16. avatar ForeverTardisFan says:

    I don’t know what’s with older classic who fans their so rude when they speak about Tennant. It bugs me. They think they know everything and have to judge on be half of all Doctor Who fans. Well I’m a young fan but my first Doctor was not from the New Who it was Tom Baker. I was watching it two years before it rebooted because my dad found a DVD saying he loved the show when he was a kid. Anyways I’ve seen all The Doctors and all of them are special I their own way but to me Tennant was my Doctor but now so is Smithy I love him too. Tennant deserves it because he was born to take that role. And I’m glad Smithy came in second and Tom was third that’s the order I put my fav Doctors in. I just wish older who fans stop being so negative and *itchy about how the show has changed and Tennant was the worse Doctor and on top of that stop annoying the younger who fans. Yea we know you know a lot about the show don’t rub it in our faces and insult an actors incarnation of The Doctor. This is how I see it you insult any incarnation your insulting all the incarnations of The Doctor because he is one man. Get over it The Doctor has different faces but he is one man and we love him no matter what incarnation. Can’t we all just get along like The Doctor would want.

  17. avatar Bonobobananas says:

    I really wasn’t a fan of Tennant, far too much gurning ‘oooh yesss’. Yuck. Tom Baker number one. Always. Matt Smith is gradually dropping a little as I don’t like the way the show has become so soapy. So my number two is Pat Troughton with Chris Ecclestone number three.

  18. avatar bonobobananas says:

    I completely agree with the last comment :)

  19. avatar nel says:

    Yes, I got that it was *supposed* to be a joke. But I’d have more faith in your claim if you hadn’t been telling some fans to “get over it” since the 10th Doctor regenerated.

  20. avatar Lisa says:

    Yay!!!! David Tennant brought back Doctor Who. If you would bring David Tennant to comc con again he would have a huge crowed still. David is hot and Americans are all about how people look. I’m glad he won!!

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      That’s an awfully sad thing to read – that looks are all that matter. Call me a stick-in-the-mud Brit, but I’ll take talent (which David has in spades, by the way) over appearance any day of the week.

  21. avatar Malcolm Reynolds says:

    Long live David Tennant! The best doctor by far, though I must say that Matt is really quite good too.

  22. avatar amy says:

    LOVE DAVID TENNANT! i just remember them series as my childhood! wish he never left!

  23. avatar Sakkiko says:

    Totally Tom for me. Always has been. Always will be. Because, you see, this is where everybody is wrong. David Tennant isn’t a Doctor, he’s an actor. Tom on the other hand, Tom is THE Doctor.

  24. avatar Ranger says:

    All of the Doctors are great – except Matt Smith. Whose performance I loathe with every particle of my being. So he is last in my list. Top is equal between Tom, Peter Davison, Patrick Troughton and David Tennant – because I truly can’t choose between them – and the beauty of it all is – I don’t have to!

  25. avatar DonnaM says:

    Hm, since this debate seems to have restarted….

    David is my favourite of the 21st century Doctors to date (although I’m hoping to revise that around the autumn); I make no bones about it, Eccleston and Smith have both lacked that magic “something” for me. However, as of this minute I’d rate Troughton, Baker (T) and Hartnell above him overall and he’s just ahead of Pertwee, so my ideal is obviously much more early-to-mid Classic than New series. I can see some good – only some – in every incarnation to date. Does it make me somehow “less” of a Doctor Who fan that I can see things I don’t like in several of them too?

    Personally I don’t think so; I’d like to think it means my critical faculties remain intact :-) Greatest ever can only be subjective in this case, and thank goodness for it! Like Ranger, I’m just glad we have so many wonderful candidates to consider.

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