Doctor Who News Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Peter Davison at Collectormania

Published on June 5th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Would the Classic Doctors Return for 50?

Colin Baker, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy all attended the Collectormania convention at the weekend, and spend some time answering questions from fans – ALL IN THE SAME ROOM!

Naturally, there was a question that had to be answered: would the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth stars of the show return – if asked – for the fiftieth anniversary?

Tom Baker: Well, if they ask me nicely or I could see what they wanted me to do I would consider it because I think the fans have been so good to me, they expect me at least to make an appearance so of course I would consider that. If it was something witty but I would want to know what the detail of the scene was or what I was supposed to do. I just don’t want to be paraded through as some shagged out old icon of the last century.

Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Peter Davison at Collectormania

Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Peter Davison at Collectormania

We’ve heard that Tom would be interested in coming back for the 50th anniversary, would the rest of you?

Colin Baker: No

Sylvester McCoy: Yes.

CB: No

SM: Oh, all the fans will hate you.

CB: I think hate is a powerful emotion. Get some hate going and when you’re somebody nice, a little bit nice, they like you again.

TB: I think it would depend. I said I’m not automatically in, if the BBC ring me up, naturally of course I get very suspicious. Even if you say ‘BBC’, I think ‘allo, ‘allo dodgy. But if they ring me up and ask me if I want to take part, I would want to know what they would want me to do.

CB: Exactly.

There’s much more than that in the full published interview in the Independent


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12 Responses to Would the Classic Doctors Return for 50?

  1. avatar Krumstets says:

    To see them all together on the stage is very encouraging. After Tom said once that `wild horses wouldn’t drag me back …’

    Maybe this is just softening them up for a reunion , I do hope so.

    Since David T and Matt S are surely up for it all we need to do now is work out a way to persuade Chris E to consider it.

    That would be a tough nut to crack. But not impossible. How could we do it ? Pester power – even on a Dalek scale – may be counter productive. Stalking him could also prove tricky…He is quite adamant in his position. This isn’t the end , but the moment must be prepared for…

    Lets make it happen !!

  2. avatar Frank says:

    Chris Eccleston was unhappy with what was going in the RTD era. He may consider it if The Grand Moff asked him.

  3. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    I really do think that if the Moff had a *good* way to bring them all back, he’d do it. If he couldn’t figure out a way, he won’t. I think this will be a situation where the fanboy will really be at war with the professional.

    All that being said, I think some interesting voice over work would be the way to go. As for Eccleston, he should get over it.

  4. avatar Alex says:

    Really nice piccy of them all together. This is Dr Who, if the Moff wants to write them back, he’ll sure as hell write them back. It might be fanboyish, but we’re talking about a programme that has made it to half a century – I think a little self indulgence on the Moff’s behalf can be tolerated here…

  5. avatar Bob James says:

    I’ve always felt, that except for Paul McGann (who looks virtually the same as he did in the TV Movie), that it would be quite a trick to get the older Doctors to reprise their respective incarnations. Time has obviously done its work, as it does on us all. Perhaps with the aid of CGI? If the BBC is willing to spend THAT kind of money, even Hartnell, Troughton, and Pertwee could make an appearance. The “time differential” explanation that worked in Time Crash just wouldn’t carry the day across the board, as most of them have just changed too much. And I don’t feel that having the actors appear in other roles just to have them on would quite be fitting. Without CGI, only Doctors Eight through Eleven could make a credible appearance, and that includes the Ninth only if Eccleston could be persuaded to change his mind. All I all, I trust that Steven Moffat and his team will still deliver something fantastic.

  6. avatar francis cave says:

    I was at collectormania that day and would have attended the talk except that it was something like £45!

    A pic with all five (nice as that would have been) cost £75 so I skipped that one as well!

    Slightly surprised and Colin’s emphatic “no” re coming back to the role on TV. Wonder if he just feels he is too old or is still sore from the Moff’s comments on that Michael Grade documentary a few weeks back?

  7. avatar Brian Stultz says:

    I love Moff; but he is not known for being polite in interviews. I would never say a bad word about any one who has played the Doctor especially if I was making the current show. Not well played at all. Doctor Who’s failing have generally been the strings that are pulled behind the producers & low budget. Eric Saward and JNT are to blame more than anyone. JNT should have always had an associate producer to keep him in check on wardrobe and camp. Eric Saward basically said he thought Colin Baker was not right for the role which I beleive effected his writing and contributions to Colin’s era. I hope Colin changes his mind and appears; the true fans know he was a great Doctor. Both he and McCoy came in to who at a rough time for the show. It would be great to see them all! You don’t even need them to be in the same story just as long as we see them during the 50th “Year” I will be really happy.

    • avatar francis cave says:

      Fortunately having seen footage of the talk on Youtube + an interview with Colin from the same event, I think the reason for his “no” comment was more to do with how he looks now, and how that would be explained, than any bad feeling about comments made about his portrayal of the role.

  8. avatar carnivac says:

    I’m still not keen on another multi-Doctor story of them all just meeting up and bickering and whatever. Most of them are far too aged for it to work well and while I enjoyed things like the Three and Five Doctors they’re not the best written stories and the concept just feels better suited to the slightly more cheesy classic era.

    I’d still be much happier with the idea I mentioned a while ago about a story that’s set in two time periods with the Eleventh Doctor doing something in his time while explaining stuff that happened in the Time War and having McGann (whom I’m not a big fan of but I feel he deserves another episode or two just because one tv movie ain’t enough) acting in flashbacks. There could be some point where some time portal opens up or something (for the Eleventh to send something back to help the Eighth in his battle) and they see each other for a second and have the Eighth Doctor not quite knowing who he’s seeing and the Eleventh Doctor feeling some sympathy for what’s about to happen to the Eighth. And maybe chuck in a cameo by Eccleston at the end as the newly regenerated Ninth Doctor and fill in that pre-2005 gap somewhat. I dunno. I’m not a writer. I’ll leave it all up to Moffat who’s provided me with my absolute most favorite run in decades.

  9. avatar Mikea says:

    Look at You Tube-Babelcolour. And this is the work of an amateur. If you want to get the old & deceased Doctors together, this is how you do it.

  10. avatar Gavin Noble says:

    Offer them all enough money and they’ll do it.

  11. avatar Teri Cross Chetwood says:

    A far better idea would have been an animated special. Then all of them could appear in their prime. Too late now, though!

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