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Published on June 22nd, 2012 | by Philip Bates

What Is/Was/Could Have Been The Lost Lost Empire?

What Is Doctor Who: The Lost Empire?Deviant Artist, Paul Cooke has sent out an appeal to Doctor Who fans after discovering a mysterious poster in a copy of The Amazing World of Doctor Who.

The poster promotes an unknown tale called Doctor Who and the Lost Empire, and Paul has asked:

“Is this a lost story? Is it a TV program or a comic, or what?? I’ve had a good search online, and asked around, but no-one knows anything about it.”

It features the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane and the Brigadier, with a copyright mark identifying it as BBC 1975, a year before The Amazing World of Doctor Who was released. It appears to be drawn by Amazing World and TARGET novel artist, Chris Achilleos, and hints at the TARDIS team discovering an empire ruled over by the Silurians and Sea Devils, pairing the two races perhaps eight years before their on-screen appearance together in Warriors of the Deep.

The Amazing World of Doctor Who was released by TyPhoo, featured three comic strips and four text stories, and was initially available solely through mail order before cropping up in WHSmiths stores nationwide. The cover was released as a poster, and a wall chart was also available.

You can read the TyPhoo book as a PDF on the recent The Face of Evil DVD release.

Anyone who knows anything about Doctor Who and the Lost Empire should contact Paul via Deviant Art or Twitter.


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15 Responses to What Is/Was/Could Have Been The Lost Lost Empire?

  1. avatar Bryan Simcott says:

    Could this be an early image to support the LOST VALLEY that Phillip hinchcliffe had (and was used by Big finish for the Lost stories boxed set)

    The Silurians could have been used instead of the giant frogs for budget reasosn as the costumes would have been there already

    Richard Bignell or David brunt would know one way or the other

    • avatar Charles Norton says:

      You know, it looks more like the work of Daryl Joyce to me. If anything, it looks a bit too good for it to have been given away with a box of tea in the seventies.

  2. avatar Gary says:

    I hate to sound silly but isn’t this obviously just a piece of art that the artist in question has made and then mocked up to look like a discovered poster. It all looks very false around the edges and i’m sure the scanning wouldn’t look so good. It’s a fake people.

    • We are completely open to suggestions.

      Indeed, it might be fake. It might be a Joyce as I know he likes Ice Warriors. Similarly it could be a Skilleter too.

    • avatar Richard Bignell says:

      Totally agree with Gary here. It screams fake in so many ways.

      Me thinks that Paul Cooke is telling some porkies here!

      • avatar Richard Bignell says:

        And just to prove it, the Silurian head in the picture is a copy of the concept Silurian head sculpt that was done for The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood that appears in The Brilliant Book 2011!

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Plus, the logo is too squashed; the ‘Doctor’ bit, in particular, is too thin.

      Thanks for backing up my suspicions, Gary. :)

  3. avatar brickfry says:

    This is, I think, the cover of a module for the FASA Doctor Who role playing game from the early eighties. There were lots of them, often featuring very imaginative and exciting mash-ups of different doctors/monsters in the cover art.

    The copyright date does not refer to when it was made, but when the logo was first registered (bit like the dates on new series figures)

    • avatar brian smith says:

      Fake all the way. The picture of Tom Baker is one from around 76/77, the Silurian as has been said is a recent sketch and the whole thing is just wrong.
      It’s a nice peice of work but as a hoax it needed more carefull attention to detail imo.

  4. avatar Gareth says:

    This is not the work of Chris Achilleos, as I studied his artwork for Art coursework many years ago.

    • avatar Charles Norton says:

      Apparently it’s not Daryl Jiyce either.

  5. avatar Chris says:

    This is a piece of art the artist did for fun, not old and not a “fake.” He isn’t trying to get $500 for it on ebay, just had a bit of fun with it and fueled the imagination a little.

  6. avatar Paul Cooke says:

    Hi, it’s the artist here. First off, thank you for all the positive comments on the standard of my painting – I am a huge fan of Achilleos, Skilleter and Joyce although not as good as any of them. It IS nice to be compared with them though :D

    Secondly, this piece of work was purely a personal piece for a project I have started, NOT in any way meant to be a fake. The fact I used a silurian design from 2010 (?) and a city the BBC could never afford to create should have been enough to show that this was NOT contemporary with 1975. Also the logo is based around the 1981 Dr Who annual cover. I repeat this is NOT a fake, it is an illustration for a personal project, so am sorry if anyone got their hopes up, or was ‘fooled’ by this picture. The *aging* was a quick job, less than 10 minutes, and is not in anyway realistic, at least to my sensibilities. Had I wanted to ‘fake’ this I would have printed it out and folded it then photograhed/scanned it.

    I can only offer my apologies, but I will just say if anyone had contacted me at any point before or during this item, I could have given a simple nix to the entire saga.


    • I don’t think there’s any need to apologise Paul – it’s a great piece of work, evocative enough to get us talking and striking enough to look the part!

      • avatar Paul Cooke says:

        Thanks. I just don’t want anyone to be under the impression anything on my part was decietful or malicious

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