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Published on June 13th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Noel Clarke Favours Eleven!

Noel Clarke has spent a few years away from the Doctor Who fold doing his own thing, and one of the last times that he was interviewed in a Doctor Who capacity, he was behind David Tennant as the best Doctor. However, now that Matt Smith has come on board, Clarke has changed his allegiance!

Of course there’s no behind-the-scenes griping between Clarke and Tennant but now that Matt Smith has been able to bring his version of the Doctor out into the open and let it breathe, the actor and writer has been hugely impressed!

Chatting about Smith’s interpretation of the Doctor, Clarke commented:

“He just brought something different to it that I like. No disrespect to the others [Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant]. I’m not going to say them just because I worked with them.”

Clarke continues in the Radio Times interview:

“Also when Matt got on, the budgets were larger and the show was more ambitious.”

Does this mean that Series 5 got more money than previous Doctor Who series? The “ambitious” comment can be put down to a different creative team behind the scenes but it’s an interesting thought that rather than receiving budget cuts to the production, Doctor Who actually received a higher budget to play around with from the beginning of the Moffat era…

(Via Life, Doctor Who & Combom)


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  1. avatar Brian Stultz says:

    I was guessing that the new production team was just using the budget more wisely. Increased budget for Who; that is a first.
    One of the best things about Who is that my favorite Doctor changes from time to time depending on episode or my mood. Peter Davison is generally my Doctor. My least favorite is Eccleston which I blame more on the stories Episode 1 “Rose” was good at bringing in new viewers but came off as a little forced. Later came the farting Slitheen which are up there with the Merkur for worst monsters. “The Parting of Ways” was a bit much; all though it is one of my favorite endings and regeneration scenes; but things like the Doctor winding up on “Big Brother” were too ridiculous. Eccleston had little variety of emotions either over grinning or acting hurt. I think Tennant and ultimately Matt’s Doctors show far more of an emotional range; thus ranking them up there with Tom or Pat’s Doctors. As the Brig once said “Lovely Chap, all of them”

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