Dalek Eyestalk App for iPhone

New Paradigm for the Eyestalk App!

Dalek Eyestalk App for iPhone

I fancy the one on the left, personally.


If you were one of the many who downloaded the iPhone/iPad Dalek photo filter app Eyestalk to torment your friends, family, ancient nemesis from across time and space (delete as applicable), then you’re in luck as your Dalek vision has just had a major update.

All hail the new paradigm; it’s Eyestalk v1.0.2!

The new features are:

  • New Video Mode – capture video and audio using Eyestalk and then apply the desired effect to your movies.
  • Choose between HD and SD video on devices with HD camera – Capture video at 640 x 480 or 1280 x 720.
  • Accurate video rendering estimates for processing video – Processing at HD can take a long time 2 minutes for 1 second of video.
  • Now a universal app with full-screen dedicated iPad mode.
  • Capture images and video in raw mode and apply effects later – EyeStalk will save raw photos and video direct to the photo library. This allows you to apply different EyeStalk effects to the same photo or video.
  • New Destiny of the Daleks effect.
  • Faster application of the Doomsday and Victory of the Daleks effect – background blurring of images now 200% quicker.

The new updates are free to all existing Eyestalk users.

The Eyestalk app is available from iTunes now for £1.49 for both the iPhone and iPad and you can find out more at eyestalk.who-news.com.

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