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Published on June 21st, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Monsters Escape from Doctor Who Experience!

In an amazing turn of events, five monsters escaped from the Doctor Who Experience in a dramatic break out this morning.

Our sources at the event tell us that at 8am a loud explosion within the building was quickly followed by a Cyberman, an Ood, a Silent and a Scarecrow fleeing the building. The escape is believed to have been masterminded by one of the Daleks who have recently relocated to the new Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

Paula Al Lach, Head of Exhibitions for BBC Worldwide was holding a press conference when the explosion took place. In a statement she said:

“If any members of the public spot the monsters in Cardiff please do not to approach them yourselves. They are extremely dangerous. Please report your sighting to us on the Doctor Who Facebook page to help us track their movements so that we can ensure they are returned  to the Doctor Who Experience.”

She was steadfast in her assurances that the breakout would not cause a delay to the Experience opening on the 20th July.

“Absolutely not, we will have the monsters contained and back in place ready for our official launch next month.”

Sightings of the Monsters should be reported at: or tweeted to @DW_Experience using the hash tag #MonsterEscape

Residents are advised to stay at home and play Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock.


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3 Responses to Monsters Escape from Doctor Who Experience!

  1. avatar Doctor Whom says:

    Oh purleeeeease! This was so clearly 3 extras in monster suits rather than the real thing. If your intrepid reporter had really seen a Silent escaping, he’d have instantly forgotten about it.

    Stands to reason!

    • avatar Andy says:

      sorry what silent?

      • He got to you too, eh?

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