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Published on June 8th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

First Look at the New Team!

The BBC’s Official Doctor Who website informed fans earlier this week that we would be seeing a few snaps of the Eleventh Doctor and his as-yet-unnamed new best friend…

Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in Doctor Who

…and here it is!

Matt Smith has revealed that shooting is going well at the new Roath Lock Studios.

‘Jenna brings a really different energy to the show – one which I think is very interesting.’

More photos are promised next week

They look good together, don’t they? The Doctor’s new outfit looks particularly dashing too – let’s hope we see a lot more of it (although I daresay the Harris Tweed industry isn’t too happy…)!


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9 Responses to First Look at the New Team!

  1. avatar carnivac says:

    It’s a cute photo and I agree about the Doctor’s outfit. A very stylish darker look for him. I like it a lot.

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    New costume or temporary change? I believe that this is a story with a Victorian setting. Other sites are stating that the companion is called Clara. Seems they don’t always check their info correctly. Time will tell.

    • We’re not stating it either way until we know for certain :)

      • avatar TonyS says:

        And I note that the BBC site is silent on the matter

  3. avatar Chris Becker says:

    Who is standing behind them?

  4. avatar Kate says:

    OoOoOoh! I’m love, love, LOVING Matt’s new suit!

  5. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    *Very* nice new outfit. I think it’s the look for at least the second half of the season. He usually wears the same outfit no matter where he goes. He added the coat last year, had the tux on for a scene but I like that look. Matt’s probably feeling a little adrift without Karen and Arthur there but he’s a pro and I’ll bet he takes what he’s feeling and makes it work. He’s a truly talented young man.

  6. avatar Matt says:

    Jenna seems to be almost copying a rather famous pose by one Susan Foreman. Coincidence, i’m sure!

    Great pic, love the waistcoat.

  7. avatar stlshawn says:

    @matt: Actually, the pose is the same spot as the original photo.

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