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Published on June 23rd, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Does Amy’s Departure Tie in with The Eleventh Hour?

During the current run of Doctor Who, we’ve become accustomed to story arcs and long term pay offs, be it plots including Bad Wolf, Torchwood, Mr Saxon, the Cult of Skaro or the Time War.

But all that was under the Davies era (as it is now known, amazing how that’s a retrospect era already, this show moves a mile a second!) and the Moffat era has moved the goalposts slightly. We still have our wonderful, intricate series arcs but they’re delivered in a truly madcap Moffat style, which is glorious.

Karen Gillan's first appearance as Amy Pond in The Eleventh HourPerhaps however, the biggest payoff is still to come. Not the Fall of the Eleventh or the Fields of Trenzalore or even Silence falling. No, it appears that Moffat has had an idea in his head for many, many years now involving Amy Pond’s departure from the TARDIS forever, something that appears in The Eleventh Hour that will become apparent in the last Pond episode in series 7. During an on stage interview, Matt Smith commented:

“There’s something coming up in the final days of the Ponds that was in The Eleventh Hour…there’s a shot in that. [Moffat's] been thinking about it that long. He always knew how she was going to… I’m saying too much already.”

We wonder what it could be. Was there a moment when Amy was on her own and something happened? Did Amelia, in her final TARDIS days, go back in time and do something very clever? Or did the Doctor do something even cleverer? We’ll just have to wait a few more months…

Smith also mentions the upcoming Christmas special with new actress Jenna Louise- Coleman and the Moffat scripts that the actors had to work with:

“I don’t know what he does in his mind…Just how does he come up with it? There’s a bit in the middle that’s just poetic. It’s so wonderful.”

Get ready for some wholehearted Christmas crying! Smith also talks about the possibility of Sherlock Homes appearing in an episode of Doctor Who in the future:

“I think [the Doctor] would just find Sherlock Holmes to be a bit silly, and I think Sherlock would find the Doctor to be really silly, so it could be very funny. But I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.”

If anyone’s interested in finding out how the Doctor and Holmes would interact, you can try and tack down a copy of the Virgin New Adventure All Consuming Fire, which sees the world’s greatest detective meet the Universe’s greatest!


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What happens when an eight year old kid watches the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks? He pretty much ends up here writing about the show that grabbed hold of him and never let go!

29 Responses to Does Amy’s Departure Tie in with The Eleventh Hour?

  1. avatar Philip Bates says:

    It could very well be the stairs (that was the first thing I thought of), but there’s another bit that’s always niggled at me…

    Y’know when the Doctor leaves after seeing off the Atraxi. We then hear the noise of the TARDIS, and see little Amelia sitting on her suitcase in the back garden. She smiles and looks up, as if the TARDIS has come back… then we quickly cut to Amy being woken by the Vworp of the engines. Was that a dream? Or something more?

    Dunno. But I’m sure Moffat will tie everything up beautifully.

    • avatar Brad H says:

      Yeah Philip B, I just watched it again and noticed this bit! It did make me wonder, the other comments about the angel in the window of her bedroom are a bit sketchy (I personally cant say I saw the angel myself).

      I’m so excited for S7! :D

  2. avatar Ray Turner says:

    Maybe it has something to do with the duck pond. Ever since The Eleventh Hour aired, it has always bothered me why such a point was made of it when to date it had no significance to the story.

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      I think I read somewhere in an interview with Moffat that the point was that the crack ate the ducks up – he was gonna have someone say something about that, but he didn’t have enough time, and it had to be cut. So he says it was just a strand that went nowhere.

      But if you watch Flesh and Stone, when the Doctor is discovering what the crack is, just before Father Angelo is killed, he hints that the ducks were eaten by the crack. He says something like ‘And how can a duck pond be a duck pond if there aren’t any ducks?’ then starts talking about the CyberKing walking over London. Hope that helps.

      Of course, Moffat might just’ve been lying! :)

    • avatar Matthew says:

      A duck pond without any ducks is A. Pond.

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    I agree about the duck pond. Also, in the Beast Below, I’m not sure that Amy’s age quite tallies. I know we aren’t really sure of the date of that story, but it does seem that she might have more years than we think…

  4. avatar Justin says:

    Wasn’t there something wrong with the year on Rory’s ID badge from the hospital? Forgetting the specifics, but didn’t it say it was issued in the early 90′s. Maybe they are stuck in a time loop because if the weeping Angels somehow… Forever to repeat the same lives? Eh who knows though just tossing it out there…

  5. avatar Johnnarratesgod990 says:

    There are a few things throughout series one which did make me think (at the time) poor continuity or poor editing – it seems that I was wrong and the ‘Grand Moff’ has slipped in countless ‘Arc Bombs’ just to frustrate and amaze us all at the same time! I think we can all agree that it is a weird feeling but that is what we love about the new series.
    Apart from an explanation of how Amy doesn’t remember the Daleks [Victory of the Daleks] (which I imagine will come to light in this series opener)or the other points listed, then I’m at a loss at which other insignificantly significant moment(at the time) from The Eleventh Hour or Series 6 that Matt is referring to.
    I try to stay away form Spoilers and Theories before the beginning of a new series – why is it so difficult to do so this time about?

    • avatar Tom says:

      Amy not remembering the Daleks was explained in Flesh and Stone. The Doctor deduces that the events of The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End were erased by one of the Cracks, like the Cyberking walking over 19th century London.
      As for the shot from The Eleventh Hour, any of the various “production errors” could be considered spoilers; Rory’s name badge, the TARDIS clock at the end of the episode (changing to 12 noon in the middle of the night) or the shadowy figure in Amelia’s house after the TARDIS jumps 12 years (Although I think that was explained somehow.)

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Yeah, you’re right; the most notable example of what you said is in Flesh and Stone again, with the Doctor in tweed when the Angels had snatched it.

      I think the Dalek thing was that the whole Journey’s End incident had been eaten by the crack. That’s what I presumed anyway. We’ll soon (possibly) find out!

      Oh, and nice theory, Justin. I think Rory’s ID was issued in 1990, when he’d be way too young. :)

  6. avatar Paul Moore says:

    It also hasn’t been explained why the doctor re-appears from the Tardis in his “Amy & Rory” wedding suit in the episode where River is revealed as being their daughter.

  7. avatar Rick Mosier says:

    I’m not sure. Perhaps Amy was inside the shed/shack/whatever when 11 crashed into it, crushing her or dissipating her like the Ood from The Doctor’s Wife…

  8. avatar Trevor Geene says:

    I just re-watched “The Eleventh Hour”, and I have a guess as to what the clue is. At one point The Doctor says, “Amelia Pond, like a name in a fairy tale.” For some reason that is the thing that stuck out most to me. Just have no idea how it would be put into the show.

  9. avatar David says:

    Maybe it will explain how they can be in their 20s in 2012 and yet Mels was their age and she regenerated in 1969, which would put them in their 40s.

    • avatar Andy says:

      Mels regerated in 1969 into another toddler(as shown that she grew up alongside Amy and Rory. It is likely that since the Silents have their own time machine, that they simply brought mels from 1969 to amy and rory’s time.

  10. avatar Shazam says:

    There is one part where an old lady says she recognizes the Doctor, but he shrugs it off. It happens around where he barges in and takes the lad’s laptop.

    • But doesn’t she recognise him from Amy’s obsession?

  11. avatar Simon B says:

    The duck test is a humorous term for a form of inductive reasoning. This is its usual expression:

    “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

    The test implies that a person can identify an unknown subject by observing that subject’s habitual characteristics. It is sometimes used to counter abstruse arguments that something is not what it appears to be.

    The Doctor in the 11th hour says “When is a duck pond not a duck pond?”

    or did he actually say,

    “When is a duck, Pond, not a duck, Pond?”

    Was he implying Amy is not as she seems?

  12. avatar David says:

    I probably has something to do with her encounter with Prisoner Zero, she walks into the room, they see each other and it leaves to commercial, then when it comes back she’s already out of they room. I always thought it was bad editing, but now, I don’t know.

  13. avatar Justin says:

    I’m sure the idea of the ducks has something to do with it; with David’s Tennant’s last regular companion (i.e. Donna Noble), the story began with her mentioning the disappearance of the bees; this cropped up later in various ways. I’m sure the idea of “A duck pond without ducks is just A. Pond”, as another commenter observed, will have some bearing on the situation. Of course, Prisoner Zero will have to return towards the end, but if it’s being filmed in NYC, then perhaps there’s even more to this… perhaps NYC becomes a futuristic prison or this is where Prisoner Zero commits his crimes, etc.

    In any case, we still need to be left with a surprise. Therefore, if they play on the duck pond theory, then this would be a good blessing for us as the viewers. However, it would still leave enough open space for the writers to play with it as much as they like, which will make us viewers even happier (and I’m sure it will leave the writers content they’ve done a good job, too).

    …however, as David Tennant had been regenerating, weren’t we still in the modern day time (i.e. 2009 or 2010)? How, then, did Matt Smith end up in the early 90s… or better yet… did that actually happen at all? Perhaps I missed the part where they claimed the date… and this was just a rookie mistake for the new crew; I’m okay with that.

  14. avatar FMJ says:

    There’s still a gap in River Song’s story; how, after regenerating as a young girl in 1969, did she end up the same age as the Ponds in the late 1990s? And was she just living on her own the whole time as a child? What if Amy and Rory adopt the young ‘Melody’ after picking her up in New York in the 1960s and are taken back to be her parents in 1996? Young Amy in The 11th Hour *does* hear the Tardis arriving again, but instead of it being the Doctor coming back for her, it’s him dropping off her older self plus husband and child somewhere ‘offscreen’. Melody/River certainly always seems to have known she was their daughter, which this would explain. Also, the chance to actually raise their ‘lost’ little girl would be a good reason for the Ponds to leave the Tardis – they know it all has to happen the way it did and that Melody has been brainwashed to kill the doctor, so they can’t risk carrying on their adventures with her alongside them.

  15. avatar Andy says:

    The Silents have a time machine. They were the ones manipulating melody so it’s obvious they moved her from 1969 after she regenerated, to amy’s time, It’s very simple if you just on it for longer than a few seconds or actually pay attention to the episodes instead of half-watching.

    • In fairness, simple isn’t the word for it in this case; while it isn’t explicitly stated, nor is it hinted at. It is entirely possible, just like it is entirely possible that the Master is still alive – but it isn’t simple or obvious.

  16. avatar Tom says:

    I think I have found it! At 14:47 seconds INTO the DVD on the Eleventh Hour, when little Amelia is running into the house to pack her suitcase, there is what looks like a WEEPING ANGEL in the top left hand corner bedroom window! You can easily work out the shape of it’s wing! Take a look for yourself!

  17. avatar Jamie says:

    In the episode blink from the tenth doctor , the scene where hes explaing timey whimy on DVD to Sally sparrow, look on the wall written over green wallpaper says ” BEWARE The weeping angles oh and duck ! NO REALLY DUCK! ,The duck pond is the connection ; the weeping angles take you from your timeline and put you some where else . I believe this is how Amy and rory meet there fait.

    • avatar Jamie says:

      The doctor also talked about the duck pond and time being written and unwritten

  18. avatar Jamie says:

    … Also the myth logo on Jeff’s laptop and the hospital equipment refers back to the myth makers and the Romans / Troy … More to come as I peel the layers.

  19. avatar Jamie says:

    Also captain jack harness may the doctor and river songs son

  20. avatar B.B. says:

    Typical fanboying on Moffat, I see. Davies was a writer, He foreshadowed and dropped clues over time. Moffat does nothing but throw stunt curves, presenting outrageousness as cleverness and betting the typical fanboy doesn’t catch on. He hasn’t raised the bar, he has lowered what was a well-written series to an average franchise for immature minds.

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