Big Finish Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 pops into Big Finish in September 2012

Published on May 22nd, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

The Doctor in Deep Space (Nine)…

Chase Masterson of Star Trek: Deep Space 9 pops into Big Finish in September 2012

Chase Masterson: she follows @kasterborousdw on Twitter, you know…

The worlds of Star Trek and Doctor Who are about to collide – AGAIN!. No, not the comic with the Cybermen and the Borg and the Eleventh Doctor. OK, not really a crossover at all but actress Chase Masterson, star of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has been cast to play a role in the November Big Finish release The Shadow Heart.

The Seventh Doctor tale will form part of a trilogy played out across one Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctor tale which starts in September with The Burning Prince.

Written by Jonathan Morris, The Shadow Heart tells part of a story that spans 60 years and will see the see the Doctor witness the fall of an intergalactic Empire.

Masterson had only good things to say about her casting in this epic adventure and seems to have a great respect for Doctor Who and its long history, which is always nice!

“If there’s any property an actor would want to be a part of — in addition to Trek — it’s Doctor Who. Fifty years of great stories, and counting!”

Now there’s a woman that we’d all like to know! Masterson’s role has yet to be announced in more details other than that she will play a “feisty” character.

As usual, the more that we know, the more that you’ll know!

The Shadow Heart is available to pre-order on CD and via download from



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4 Responses to The Doctor in Deep Space (Nine)…

  1. avatar Zoid says:

    “Star” is a stretch imo, she had a minor role. Appearing in 15 or so episodes of a total 176…

  2. avatar Alex says:

    Did she play Nog’s wife?

    • avatar Zoid says:

      Indeed, she married him in season 5…

      • avatar Kate says:

        Eww, no – she played ROM’S wife. Nog was Rom’s son. Rom was Quark’s brother. Quark owned the station’s bar. Leeta (played by Chase Masterson) was a Bajoran woman who was a dabo girl at Quark’s. In a somewhat bizarre interspecies marriage, she and Rom got married in season five, but yeah, calling her a “star” is definitely stretching it a lot. That’s like calling the guy who played Morn a star (I seriously don’t even know his name, which shows how important he was). Or calling Andrew Robinson (Garak) a star. “Beloved guest character” perhaps.

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