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Published on May 25th, 2012 | by Philip Bates

The Doctor Goes For Gold!

Matt Smith has been named as an Olympic Torch carrier in tomorrow’s relay through Cardiff!

Matt will be lead runner, meaning that he’ll be the first to carry the flame as it heads through Cardiff on its way to London’s Olympic Stadium. He’s obviously thrilled:

“To carry the Torch is an honour, one I thought I’d never get – I’m very excited!”

And who can blame him?!

Matt will carry the flame through an area near the new home of Doctor Who at Roath Lock Studios, starting his run at 6.20am by the Norwegian Church Arts Centre and making his way to the National Assembly Building.

The Olympic Torch was lit in Olympia, Greece, before being carried over to Land’s End by Anne, Princess Royal. Torch bearers have come in all shapes and sizes, many nominated by their communities to take place in the iconic event.

This is such a hugely significant moment in Matt’s life – and it shows how highly-regarded both he and Doctor Who are nowadays. The Olympic Torch, of course, featured in 2006’s Fear Her – carried by the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) – and the recent mini-episode, Good as Gold.

The BBC tells us:

“Matt’s part of the relay begins at approximately 6.20am on Saturday, 26 May at the Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PA. He will hand over the Olympic Flame at the Senedd, National Assembly Building, Cardiff, CF99 1NA.

We hope to see you for this moment of history in the making.”

Let us know if you get to see two icons collide!


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2 Responses to The Doctor Goes For Gold!

  1. avatar Rick Lundeen says:

    Well….if Matt’s going to carry the torch, seriously, get Tennant into costume and let him carry the thing too! Come ON, people!!!! we’ve got to make that scene happen!

    • avatar Victor says:

      That scene was cringe inducing.

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