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Published on May 30th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

So: Who Is Jenna?

New Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman

New Doctor Who companion Jenna-Louise Coleman

You’ve got to hand it to IMDb. The way it makes it so easy for people like you and me to update it regularly makes it less reliable than Wikipedia, especially when it comes to shows that have a big fan base.

Which is why an entry for Jenna-Louise Coleman is causing such a stir among Doctor Who fans on Tumblr.

It would be easy to dismiss this as nonsense – after all, Red Dwarf‘s Norman Lovett was supposedly cast as Davros in The Parting of the Ways back in 2005 – but we won’t be drawn into any unnecessary spoiler-breaking about the nature of the Doctor’s new companion, regardless of how fan-baiting it is.

In fact, rewind. This isn’t fan-baiting. It is positively explosive!

[spoiler ]

The theory, of course, is that young Susan is the daughter of the alt-Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler, and either named after you-know-who or perhaps an earlier incarnation of An Unearthly Child.


What do you think? A load of old space junk or a glimpse into the vortex? Let us know!

If you chose to avoid the spoiler, you’re best off avoiding the comments below, too…

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18 Responses to So: Who Is Jenna?

  1. avatar Philip Bates says:

    I think it’s a load of nonsense to be honest.

    • avatar Azrael says:

      You know what I’d love to see?

      This is an idea that would be capable of pleasing both the Davies-era-see-how-many-pieces-of-the-old-lore-we-can-reintroduce (I’m a Moffat man overall, but even I’ll admit that Davies was better at reintegrating the old lore, getting the new audience up to speed and often recapturing the original spirit of villains that had long descended into pantomime – e.g. you have to have some pretty rose-tinted glasses not to rate Davies’ Cybermen as the best since the 2nd doctor’s classics, or that Simms’ master (for all his hamming) was leagues ahead of Ainsley and recaptured the wonderful ‘frenemy’ feel of the original doctor/master relationship) AND the more psych-horror 2nd/3rd-doctor-feel new-villains-over-old Moffat:

      - we’ve HEARD a lot about the time war, but seen nothing of it. For good reason – it’s the type of thing that is best left unseen, because no depiction will do justice to the audience’s imagination.

      But what about an episode set a couple of weeks, days even, BEFORE the time war. When the doctor gets to meet his love Romana again, now head of the last uncorrupted time lord council (if they have him hooking up with Rose, then surely the modern version of the show would read a bit more than friendly jokiness into those years with Romana – a beautiful young time lady, the only companion to be the doctor’s equal in intellect and actually better than him at maths/science (as she often pointed out), with the fact that the pair of actors were married in real life (Romana post-regeneration, that is) adding a lot of ‘couple’ body language to their scenes.

      It gives the old fans a chance to see the old Galifrey characters from the 4th doctor’s era again, the new fans a chance to meet them, and most of all, the new fans a chance to see Galifrey before the fall.

      Thing is: it is well-established lore that (unlike the Daleks) the time lords have tech that – with great difficulty – enables them to ‘break the rules’, and change fixed moments, break paradoxes etc (most obviously pointed out in Genesis of the Daleks, where they send the Doctor on a secret mission to prevent the Daleks from ever being created). Hence the later implications that it’s the Doctor that locked the time war, from the outside. Before the events however, he’d have the chance – and the temptation – to change things. To think ‘maybe, maybe I could do something different – convince Romana to adopt a different strategy, talk to Davros and avoid a war altogether, launch another coup and retake the Gallifrey presidency (after all, he basically just left Castallan in charge on his behalf at the end of The Invasion of Time).

      And, most of all, the decision whether HE must do things the same way. It would also be a 2 doctor cross-over of course – great for the anniverary – using the 8th (the movie one) doc as the former renegade finally signing up to fight for the council he once despised (but who also spent his early days pleading with them to take a more active role against the Daleks and Cybermen – not heeded with the Daleks until far too late). Ultimately, it would be a show about Matt Smith meeting his younger self, the self that is ready for war and believes it to be both righteous and necessary. Does he tell him the truth? Does he try to talk him out of participating? He knows he shouldn’t…but to go through all that…to know that there’s good time lords as well as corrupt ones that are going to die and this is the last chance there’ll ever be to change it…

      That would be an episode I’d love to see.

  2. avatar Leo says:

    Utter nonsense.

    My sources tell me that she is actually the Kaled mother of Davros (pre Genesis),kidnapped by the Time Lord’s to avoid the birth of Davros and all that entails….she will be taken back to Gallifrey where she shall fall for and marry a young Time Lord named Borusa and give birth to a son, who will go off travelling all time and space and make many new friend’s including a feisty earth girl who takes her clothe’s off at the sight of a Dalek, two innuendo driven 51st century time traveller’s and one annoying brat from Espace…oh and a Tin Dog.

    Far more plausible than Susan Tyler.

  3. avatar Spaceman says:

    Good grief!!!

    I don’t what to make of that either seriously or otherwise

  4. avatar Victor says:

    There’s a good chance it’s not true of course, but it would certainly be an interesting idea.

  5. avatar Solonor says:

    Could be Jackie’s baby, too. Remember at the end of Doomsday when they leave Rose at Bad Wolf Bay she notes that Jackie is pregnant.

    I still think it’s hooey, though.

    • That baby was later called Tony (according to Journey’s End).

      And now you know :)

  6. For what it’s worth, I hope the name is correct at least, as it sort of hints to Susan coming back (as I’ve been saying for weeks if not months)!

  7. avatar Spaceman says:

    There’s news going around that her name is Clara.
    And The Doctor’s got a new dditions to his wardrobe…

  8. avatar Patrick Riley says:

    I saw an on-set picture of Matt and Jenna earlier today and I had to double take because Jenna looked like a brunette version of Rose before I realized who she actually was. So I wouldn’t be completely surprised if this were true. Plus, I can imagine Moffat coming up with the name “Susan Tyler”. It just sounds like the name of a character he would write.

  9. avatar Gruff says:

    Clara Codswallop
    If the Moff goes with a name like Susan Tyler I will be extremely surprised.

    Clara is possible, but it depends upon these rumours that she will be a pre twentieth century girl. It is certainly an older name so might be suitable for the character.

    It matters to me as my daughter is named Martha Jones ;)

  10. avatar TonyS says:

    If it were Susan returning, her name would be Susan Campbell.

    • avatar Stellaflora says:

      Maybe it didn’t work out with Campbell and she went off to find Tyler? ;P

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Yep! Walked right into that, didn’t I? :)

  11. avatar vixen says:

    Im sorry to spoil your fun but her name is clara a fan heard Matt Smith call her that in the latest shooting.She might also be from the past.

  12. avatar vixen says:

    Alex Kingston was seen alighting from a helicopter near the castle where they are shooting at the moment

  13. avatar vixen says:

    I dont know why the Doctor has had a change of clothes but he looks really stylish in the latest photos. Matt was seen chatting with Jenna,maybe they were rehearsing.

  14. avatar Lindsey says:

    Given how much Moffat openly hates Rose’s character, I cannot believe that–should the name be correct–her naming has anything to do with Rose, Jackie or anything to do with the parallel universe.

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