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Published on May 18th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Monsters of Eternity!

The BBC has released another preview video for Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock – this time focusing on the monsters!

Featuring Silurians, Daleks, Cybermen and The Silence, the game also features the voices of Alex Kingston and Matt Smith as River Song and the Doctor.

Hit play before as KasterborousTV takes you on a trip through the game’s villains, including one special and exclusive new monster…

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock is on May 23rd on the PlayStation Network and you can purchase the PlayStation 3 version in physical from all good retail shops from the 25th. The PS3 version is currently listed on Amazon. We’ll have details on the PC version as soon as they become available.


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2 Responses to Monsters of Eternity!

  1. avatar bryan simcott says:

    Pity the guy in the trailer seemed to think he invented the cyber planner (first appearance the wheel in space then the invasion) so not exclusive to this game at all.

    I do wish people working on the show would research or check before they made stupid comments like this,as it shows them up in my opinion.

    There was another one last year with one of the directors of the mini episode (CIN) saying the TARDIS inside the TARDIS was such a cool idea and I was the first to do it in 50 years. Go see its on the documentary on the dvd for the mainign of the mini episodes

    • avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

      You’re totally right! It’s annoying. Those Dalek voices are a bit off aren’t theeeeey too? By the time they say “exterrrrmiiiiinaaaate” everyone will have legged it.

      I suppose they could have meant the design of the Cyber Planner if we were to be generous, but naaah. I wonder what the other monster they think they invented is? Probably the Dalek Emperor. Or Yartek the Voord.

      In truth though I still like the look of this.

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