Doctor Who News Who is Michael E. Briant?: A Memoir by the Doctor Who Director

Published on May 15th, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

Michael E. Briant Releases Memoir…Wait, Who?

Who is Michael E. Briant?: A Memoir by the Doctor Who Director

For those not familiar with auteur theory, the idea is that what you see on screen is the director’s vision and that the director is responsible for everything in the film or television and that input from others is minimal. The theory is debated, to say the least.

What does this have to do with Doctor Who? Well, if you subscribe to the theory, despite the input he had into classic 70s tales The Green Death and Colony In Space, Michael E. Briant is very much a niche name in Doctor Who fandom.

Whether out of a sense of frustration that he’s not recognised enough or just because he has the spare time, he’s sat down and written a memoir, appropriately entitled Who Is Michael E. Briant? Giants of magazine publishing SFX have given it a review, which makes for interesting reading.

Briant’s discussion of Who ends by page 104, and his work on the first series of Blake’s 7 gets pretty short shrift (just five pages).

Fans of his work on Doctor Who, Blake’s 7 and…err…Emmerdale are hereby warned that the book is not a tell-all piece about the entirety of his time on the show or a book filled with gossip about his subjects. They should be encouraged by the fact that SFX describes it as

A solid, unsensational read, best suited to aficionados of ‘70s TV in general.

I hope that anyone who takes the plunge and buys this enjoys it. It’s out now and you can get it from Amazon for £12.99in print or £6.98 for Kindle.


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One Response to Michael E. Briant Releases Memoir…Wait, Who?

  1. avatar bryan simcott says:

    I bought this book on pre order as Michael is such good value on the Dvd`s

    What a fantastic book. Written in his style of speech (so no forced words or odd phrases) full of lovley sotires for DOCTOR WHO, Z cars, Secret Army, Howards Way . All the falieures and high hits covered with some annecdotes I`d never heard before and some given a new spin.

    I didnt mean fo this to sound like the blurb on the back of the book. just to express how much fun and histiry of Television can be found within these pages. A must for Doctor Who fans (but there is loads of stuff of interest to secret army fans to) and Vintage TV fans in general.

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