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Published on May 31st, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Luther Creator Writes for Series 7

Neil Cross, the creator of BBC One detective drama Luther and Head Writer of spy drama Spooks has written an episode for the 2013 run of Doctor Who.

The episode features actress Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Eleventh Doctor’s new mysterious companion and is currently being filmed. It will take place after the 2012 Christmas special, which introduces her character to the show.

Any of you that haven’t managed to watch Luther as yet, stop what you’re doing and go an find an episode right now! It’s a gritty and engaging television show with Idris Elba as a maverick/Sherlock Holmes style detective. It also features Suzie from Torchwood series one and Paul McGann as her boyfriend so if you squint quite hard it’s a bit like watching Doctor Who. A bit, we said.

Quite what Cross will bring to the episode, we can’t know for now but it’s a good guess that it will be gritty and maybe set in modern day London although knowing Steven Moffat, it’ll probably end up being exactly the opposite just to take Cross out of his comfort zone!

Along with Mark Gatiss, who recently confirmed that he will be writing a 2013 episode (“It’s for the new companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman – that’s all I can tell you or I will actually be shot!”) and surely Steven Moffat, Neil Cross is a welcome and fresh addition to the Doctor Who world of writers.

Doctor Who returns to BBC One later this year.


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One Response to Luther Creator Writes for Series 7

  1. avatar Gruff says:

    Loved Luther, moreso the first series, though I thought the were both great maybe just a little dissatisfied by the length of the second one.

    Think Neil Cross will make a great effort to write characters with depth and an adventure which tells a great tale in 45 minutes.

    Looking forward to this new series even more than the last two!

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