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Published on May 16th, 2012 | by Meredith Burdett

Doctor Who Cares?

A recent Twitter conversation with a fan and Steven Moffat outed one of the characters in Doctor Who as bisexual.

This was brought on by a question relating to how the Doctor would respond to gay marriage, to which Moffat very accurately pointed out:!/steven_moffat/status/200573875971555328

Doctor Who chief Steven Moffat and a Dalek.First things first, the Doctor simply does not care one iota about which way a person swings. The people that he travels with or the friends that he has made in his 900 years (and then some) of travels are based on their morals and their ethical viewpoints, not on who they sleep with at night.

Whoever asked the question clearly hasn’t been watching Doctor Who at all. The Doctor has come up against all sorts of characters in his meanderings and not one of them has had to explain their sexual preference to him, simply because he doesn’t care.

When he met Captain Jack Harkness, the Ninth Doctor knew from an early point that the good Captain didn’t only like attractive blonde shop assistants. Did it bother him? No. He explained the situation to Rose and moved on. The Eighth Doctor had some idea of Izzy’s sexual orientation but let their friendship blossom rather than ask questions that weren’t his business, didn’t concern him (see various Eighth Doctor comic strips from 1996 to 2005 in Doctor Who Magazine) or about which he knew really wasn’t of any earth-shattering importance.

The point is that sexuality isn’t an interesting point in Doctor Who; it’s not something that we care about. Actions speak louder than words and if you’re saving the Universe it shouldn’t matter whose bottom you stare at on a Friday night.

The answer to “who is bisexual in Doctor Who?” is, of course…

[spoiler ]

River Song. Didn’t the fetishwear eyepatch give it away?

When Moffat continued the conversation it was with another fan…

[blackbirdpie url="!/lizzehmarie/status/200633097329459200"]

[blackbirdpie url="!/steven_moffat/status/200839207386746880"]


…but to be fair, who really cares?


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8 Responses to Doctor Who Cares?

  1. avatar Emma Pringle says:

    I think you’re being a bit harsh on the person who asked the question. She seemed all for gay marriage and was only asking what the Doctor would think. To say she clearly doesn’t watch Dr Who is a bit harsh, because I’m pretty sure she does otherwise she wouldn’t have tweeted Steven Moffat.

    • Hmm, I don’t think Mez was intending to be harsh on the questioner, more the question itself. Point taken, though, and I’ll make sure Mr Burdett is swiftly dealt with…

  2. avatar James says:

    To be fair, we have known River is bisexual since Silence In The Library when she even pointed out that she fancied everyone in the room except Mr Lux, or you could describe her as ‘omnisexual’ (as John Barrowman puts it, about Capt. Jack) as she’s said a couple of times that she’s “dated androids”.

    So, really, your headline is very appropriate ;)
    Who does care? Or rather, if this seems like a revelation or news to anyone, where have they been for the past 3-4 years of River Song stories? haha

  3. avatar francis cave says:

    I think its pretty weird to ask anyone what the Doctor would think about anything.!

    He’s a fictional character whose optinions and thought patterns can depend on who is writing for him.

    Sometimes he can come accross as very worldy-wise then other times like someone who has lived in a monastery for years.

  4. avatar Krumstets says:

    So, can we look forward to an episode in which the Doctor has a brief fling with a guy?
    They could make him a Zygon or something to make it less controveesial.
    I wonder if the Master and the Doctor ever……..?

  5. avatar Carl says:

    Just because the Doctor looks human, doesn’t mean he shares the same hang-ups or sexual politics or sexual anything with humans. He came out of a genetic loom on Gallifrey so isn’t even part of a species that procreates using sex… so it might be interesting to them, but would be irrelevant (then again, he’s also The Other, and must have children, since he’s got a granddaughter, so he might have another viewpoint). The biggest thing is that he’s an alien, so will more than likely have a different outlook on that sort of thing, especially when you consider the amount of travelling he’s done.

    That’s how I’d’ve answered the question, anyway.

  6. avatar LeelooMina says:

    Hey. Come on now. I’m @leeloomina. It’s a little mean to assume that I haven’t even watched Doctor Who. You seemed to think I was asking what the Doctor would REALLY do when he heard about Obama’s “reveal”.

    From watching the show, I know that the Doctor doesn’t give a crap about sexuality. Gay rights are a non-issue to him. He doesn’t care who you sleep with and he knows in our future no one cares.

    In reality, I was just tweeting about a hot topic to a writer that I love. He happened to answer and hey, that’s always awesome.

  7. avatar t. wheaton says:

    It’ seems to me it’s “let do what thou wilt be the whole of the law”. It’s clear to me that Alyster Crowleys’ influence is at work here.

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