Big Finish Gets New Look!

Fans of aesthetics in their internet browsing will be pleased to know that audio maestros Big Finish have updated their website from their previous design which was, in this writer’s opinion, a bit of a mess.

The new site is sleek, elegant and has nice big type for the hard of sight. It sorts everything into nice neat boxes on the page and makes their news and Twitter sections a lot more prominent, which is useful if you’re into that sort of thing.

You can check out their new design for yourself here and while you’re there, look at some of their audio ranges. If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who audios, they also have Sherlock Holmes audios (adapted by and sometimes starring Nicholas Briggs, he of the Dalek and Cybermen voices) and Highlander audios (which is something that caught my eye, I have to admit).

Head over to to see the stunning new look!


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