Merchandise Audio Adventures for Captain Jack in Torchwood: Red Skies, by Joseph Lidster

Published on April 15th, 2012 | by Scott Varnham

New Torchwood Audio Drama!

Audio Adventures for Captain Jack in Torchwood: Red Skies, by Joseph LidsterAs anybody who has seen Torchwood: Miracle Day and Children Of Earth knows, the human race have been somewhat dick-ish lately, what with the concentration camps for immortal people and whatnot.

So it’s no surprise that our man Jack would need a break from the human race. So he heads to a planet which is cut off from the rest of the universe, where the inhabitants worship Torchwood and he has to find out why.

No, this is not some sort of crazy fanfiction from Kasterborous, but a new audio play from Joseph Lidster (the writer of A Day In The Death and Mark Of The Beserker for television and several audio dramas). It’s only one hour long, which suggests a nice and concise story for the short of attention span! However, it does seem like none of the burning questions from Miracle Day will be answered, which is a pity.

The play, Red Skies, is read by John Telfer and is one of four such dramas, which should tide you over until someone writes another series!

It will be available on CD from May 3rd 2012 with a £10.20 RRP, although you can of course save by shopping on Amazon, where it is available for £7.65. (A download version is also available, price unconfirmed.)


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5 Responses to New Torchwood Audio Drama!

  1. avatar Spiderpope says:

    The previous Torchwood audio dramas have been great, so i’ll be picking this up as soon as i can.

  2. avatar Tracy says:

    I wonder if the worshippers of Torchwood will mention Ianto.

    • avatar TinaT says:

      THAT would be the kind of story I would like. Something that reaches back and fixes a few plot holes or stories left open, gives me (us?) more about Tosh, Owen or Ianto. I also think right now Ianto would be the best character for that, because there are still so many people asking about bringing him back. I think if they ever do that, it will be a massive success. Just look at the radio plays from last summer. Many fans have left “canon” Torchwood behind, but are still involved in the fandom. I think it would give it another try if it takes a step back towards the show they once loved.

  3. avatar TinaT says:

    Sorry, but still not interested in anything post Children of Earth. Or should I say post BBC? The US Version of Torchwoood, well, I guess I’ll never be able to accept that example of bad television as the real, my, Torchwood. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I like my Torchwood in Wales, with a Hub, a team, Weevils. I loved the Radio Plays aired last summer though. And Ghost Train and Department X where a nice reminder of the good old days as well.

    And not wrapping up the left open questions from Miracle Day. What do you expect? Just look at all the questions still open from Season 1 and 2 and Children of Earth. In fact I think that was one of the big reasons why I couldn’t connect with the new characters. There’s still SO MUCH I want to know and wonder about Tosh, Owen and Ianto, even Suzie. Why should I bother to invest time and thoughts into new characters and a new season, story, if in the end all there will be are much more new questions. Looks as if it was the right thing to do.

  4. avatar Mickie says:

    I am still wondering why someone who has nothing to do with Torchwood is reading the story! It’s always been read by a cast member in the past!

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