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Published on April 12th, 2012 | by Andrew Reynolds

Myles: Sherlock Is So Hot

Eve Myles as Torchwood's Gwen CooperYou couldn’t find two more divergent fates than those that befell Torchwood and Sherlock. One rode a crest of goodwill following a fantastic first season to become the darling of both fans and critics, the other floundered under the weight of expectation and hype brought on by its previously concise and dramatic season and its own expanding horizons.

Still with one in limbo and the other quite literally waiting to return from the dead Torchwoods Eve Myles has cast envious eyes at Sherlock, declaring it ‘really hot’.

However its not the only TV show she told the Radio Times she’d like to appear in:

“I also love Upstairs, Downstairs. I am proud it gets made in Cardiff.”

Well according to Radio Times readers you’d also like to see Eve appear alongside the worlds greatest super sleuth with there poll current standing at 89 per cent saying they ‘torch would’ like to see her in Sherlock.

So would you like to see her in Sherlock of for that matter any other BBC drama that could do with an ass kicking, gun-toting mum (I’m looking at you Doctors).




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  1. avatar TonyS says:

    Or possibly in a completely different role that stretches her as an actress and surprises us as an audience

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