Doctor Who News Is the Statue of Liberty a giant Weeping Angel?

Published on April 9th, 2012 | by Christian Cawley

Is the Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel?!

Is the Statue of Liberty a giant Weeping Angel?Warning, ladies and gentlemen – spoilers be here.

Well, speculation mainly – and then a little bit of spoilerific material, cleverly hidden away so that you don’t read it accidentally.

First of all, let’s take what we know about Doctor Who Series 7′s big event, the departure of Amy and Rory. As confirmed at the Doctor Who Convention by Steven Moffat, the TARDIS travellers will face the Weeping Angels, someone will die, and the whole shebang will take place in New York.

Those Weeping Angels, the quantum-locked statues, cleverly feed on the time differential when they touch someone who is then thrown back in time.

And what is the most observed statue in the world?

That’s right. The Statue of Liberty, which previously featured in a plate shot in the early scenes of Daleks in Manhattan. Now, this is purely speculation, but what if…? After all, it’s a very good reason to shoot Doctor Who in New York.

Filming has already begun on this episode/episodes, with recent shooting taking place in Wales prior to be big money shots over in New York city; shooting their should begin this week.

In other New York news, meanwhile, there are indications that one Rory Williams might want to pack a razor for his next trip in the TARDIS.

[spoiler ] DoctorWhoTV reports that the character could find himself a victim of the Weeping Angels, and be sent back in time. Given that the episode(s) is already reported to take place in the past, rescuing Rory could result in quite a bit of work for the Doctor and Amy to overcome…



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11 Responses to Is the Statue of Liberty a Weeping Angel?!

  1. avatar SaraCVT says:

    No–it doesn’t have wings, so is therefore not an Angel, Weeping or otherwise. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And in this case, just copper.

    • avatar Jake Reinert says:

      Neither did the ones in the Weeping Angels episodes with River (Melody). So once this is able to feed on time energy, it may very well become a Weeping Angel!

  2. avatar SandraL says:

    SaraCVT – it could be a queen Angel or something like that.

    The bigger problem, as I see it, is the fact that people can and do walk around inside it, recent renovations, etc. Ewww…

    But yeah, I think it’s very likely that Lady Liberty is, in fact, a Weeping Angel.

  3. avatar Scott says:

    If you remember at the very end of “Blink” it was certainly implied that just about any statue could be a Weeping Angel. So, with that in mind it is not impossible for the Statue of Liberty to be an angel. Might be a bit silly though. I could see it being used as a joke.

  4. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Ghostbusters 2 Doctor Who style?

  5. avatar Meagan says:

    The image of an angel is an angel. If the statue of liberty were indeed an angel, then all of the post cards, photos, and mini statues would become Angels. That hasn’t happened yet, so… sorry to crush the thought

  6. avatar Michael McElwee says:


  7. avatar Bazza says:

    If the Statue of Liberty does turn out to be a weeping angel I will be so annoyed with this article because I would never have guessed it and it would have been so wow when it happened. And now I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen because it is such a cool idea. I guess I should keep away from sites like this.

  8. avatar Josephine says:

    It can’t be a weeping angel, realistically, even in Doctor who, cause if it were, it’s image is there and it should be appearing in full size out of computers and tour brochures – that wouldn’t work out.

  9. avatar Iris says:

    could be possible. In The Time of Angels they didn’t have wings because of a perception filter.

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